Suspect in Pizza Factory burglary appears in court |

Suspect in Pizza Factory burglary appears in court

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A man accused of burglarizing the Pizza Factory in the Ironwood Center appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday.

Chad Hunter, 48, is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail on one count of felony burglary and one count of destruction of property.

He was ordered to stay away from the Ironwood Center should he make bail, which he said was unlikely.

“I couldn’t afford it if it was $1,000,” he said.

According to court documents, Hunter was arrested Saturday after investigators obtained a warrant for his Pinewood Drive apartment.

Security video shows a man matching Hunter’s description breaking the front window and then filling up a to-go soup cup with items.

The business manager said that $200-$250 in cash was missing from the business after the 7:30 a.m. break-in.

Investigators linked Saturday’s burglary with three other break-ins that occurred in the Ironwood center between Thanksgiving and Jan. 11, including a similar one at the Pizza Factory and another at the Dairy Queen on Dec. 29.

All the burglaries occurred either late at night or early in the morning.

Hunter is only facing charges in relation to the most recent incident.

Attorney Kris Brown was appointed to represent Hunter after he told East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins he couldn’t afford an attorney.