Strangulation leads to prison sentence |

Strangulation leads to prison sentence

Despite a request from the victim for a more lenient sentence, a Gardnerville man was sentenced to 2-5 years Monday in prison after admitting one count of domestic battery with strangulation.

Michael Daron Skenandore, 28, admitted he put the mother of his children into a chokehold during a Nov. 30 fight in Indian Hills.

Prosecutor Matthew Johnson said two children were in the apartment when the fight occurred and could hear their parents and see the aftermath.

Johnson said the victim was choked to the point where her eyes showed petechial hemorrhaging, and that she’d been punched in the side during the fight.

Defense attorney Matthew Ence said that the victim hoped the court would give Skenandore a shorter sentence. Prison is mandatory in domestic battery cases involving strangulation.

“She said she believes he is ready to make a change,” Ence said. “He is a good father when he’s not drinking.”

Deputies responded to a report of a fight at an Indian Hills apartment. They found Skenandore with a 24-ounce beer in his hand that he chugged before throwing it down and preparing to charge. However, he demurred when he saw one of the deputies had a shotgun pointed at him.

He also faces a 90-day jail term in Carson City for violating probation in an obstruction case. He was previously convicted in Douglas County of a drug charge that resulted in his being sent to prison.