Storage unit burglar sent to prison |

Storage unit burglar sent to prison


A man who used access to a storage unit to raid several others will serve up to six years in prison in connection with the break-ins.

Clint J. Krites, 42, was ordered to serve concurrent 28-72-month prison terms in connection with the thefts that occurred between Jan. 12 and Feb. 6.

District Judge Tod Young sentenced Krites on Oct. 2.

Krites is believed to have been living in one of the Pit Road units during the time.

The thefts were discovered when one of the storage unit customers reported jewelry, computer and camera equipment was missing.

Video surveillance showed the man was the only one to use the front entrance and his lock wasn’t tampered with.

But the back of the unit showed someone had removed the drywall and replaced it at some point.

Krites was also ordered to pay $1,380 in restitution and $3,223 to pay for bringing him back from Utah.

He admitted to the burglaries on Aug. 7.