Stateline man gets suspended sentence on possession charge |

Stateline man gets suspended sentence on possession charge

by Rachel Spacek

A Stateline man had his 34-month sentence suspended in Judge Tod Young’s court on Tuesday after admitting to possessing a controlled substance.

Edward D. Tuttle, 47, was arrested Sept. 20 for the possession of a hypodermic needle, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license, driving with suspended registration, possession of a controlled substance and failure to appear.

At 10 a.m. officers conducted a traffic stop on a silver Toyota Corolla for suspended registration in the Wells Fargo parking lot on Lower Lake Parkway. According to police reports, Tuttle who was the driver, seemed slow and his pupils were constricted. Officers noticed track marks on both Tuttle’s and the passenger’s arms. Both admitted to using heroin earlier in the morning.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found a hypodermic device with residue, an aluminum can with residue, a cotton filter, a black bag with a substance believed to be heroin and another bag with the substance almost gone. They also found a pipe with methamphetamine in the driver’s door.

District Attorney Ric Casper recommended Tuttle attend drug court as part of his suspended sentence requirements, however Young said he would encourage Tuttle to enroll in a treatment on his own.

“If you need a treatment program, go enroll in one, if you need structure in your life, go find it,” Young said.

A Stateline man pleaded guilty to a felony embezzlement charge in court on Tuesday.

Brandon J. Probert admitted to stealing money from Lakeside Inn and Casino in Stateline, totaling more than $650. Probert was arrested after deputies responded to a theft call last July. On scene, deputies contacted the general manager of Lakeside who said one of his employees committed theft. He said he believed Probert had been accessing slot machine “free play” in the casino to obtain credits for his personal benefit.

The manager said he conducted an audit of electronic records pertaining to a player tracking card that is used by authorized employees, including Probert. The player tracking card is used on machines for training and testing. Probert allegedly loaded free play 84 times. If a jackpot is scored on the machines, the money should be checked back into the casino cage cashier, however Probert allegedly had $3,150 in free play credits.

When deputies interviewed Probert, he admitted to having cashed out around $2,000 from the machines. According to reports Probert expressed remorse and apologized for taking the money.

Probert is facing a maximum of 60 months in prison. He will be sentenced Jan. 9.