Shoplifting arrests lead to felonies |

Shoplifting arrests lead to felonies


A California woman who allegedly shoplifted $10.78 in clothing from the Gardnerville Walmart is facing a felony burglary charge after she was arrested on Thursday.

Candice K. Swain, 30, allegedly also has a fugitive warrant issued for her arrest.

Deputies were called by Walmart security at 10 p.m. Thursday where they contacted Swain in the parking lot.

A background check revealed she had previous felonies on her record, which prompted the burglary charge.

On Tuesday, a Bodie Flats man was arrested on similar charges after he was identified as the person who rolled a cart out of the Grocery Outlet on Monday night.

Raymond Ruebottom, 52, was spotted on Tuesday in the Gardnerville Walmart wearing the same KISS shirt from the day before.

He was released on $1,500 bail.