Sheriff’s office reports busy weekend |

Sheriff’s office reports busy weekend

A busy Labor Day weekend saw more than 40 arrests and citations, many for traffic-related issues.

Increased enforcement thanks to a Joining Forces grant put extra patrols on the streets.

While focused on preventing impaired drivers, only three driving under the influence arrests were reported.

“Alcohol is a substance that impairs decision making and muscle coordination which drivers absolutely need,” Sheriff Ron Pierini said. “Statistics show that a person dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident every 50 minutes and I want everyone in our community to be aware of the danger of driving under the influence.”

The Joining Forces program continues through Monday.

Most of the traffic arrests and citations over the weekend were for driving on a suspended drivers license, including one man who was pulled in for virtually the same charges a month apart.

Stateline was busy over the weekend with 16 arrests, including three people for possession of cocaine early Sunday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies at the Lake dealt with a half dozen trespassing calls at the Stateline casinos over the weekend, with most of those early on Labor Day.

Most of the calls in Carson Valley were related to traffic enforcement, where someone had failed to appear in court.

Several of those defendants appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Tuesday.

Tahoe-Douglas Fire District responded to a report of an electrical fire at the Ridge Tahoe on Friday night.

No serious collisions were reported over the weekend.