Sex offender faces drug charge |

Sex offender faces drug charge


A Gardnerville Ranchos man was taken into custody on Saturday night at his home on a charge of failing to register as a sex offender and possession of a controlled substance.

William Allan Pinkelman, 51, was booked at 7:30 p.m. after deputies who’d been looking for him for a week tracked him down.

Pinkelman failed to check in as required and had moved to a different address in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Deputies kept checking the address and eventually found him parked in the driveway. They discovered a bag of suspected methamphetamine in his pocket.

According to the Nevada Sex Offender Registry, Pinkelman is a tier 2 sex offender who is out of compliance.

He was convicted of unlawful sex with a minor in San Jose in 1995. He was also convicted of a felony in 1991.

Pinkelman has also served time in Nevada for possession of a firearm by an ex-felon. He was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison after he let two men leave a stolen AK-47 at his home so he could try to sell it to a neighbor.

■ Two Lake Tahoe residents were arrested Sunday night on drug felonies.

Ronnie J. Gionta, 27, and Danielle N. Henson, 27, were taken into custody at Highway 50 and Harrah’s in Stateline

Henson was booked on possession of a controlled substance and failure to appear charges, in addition to obstructing an officer and jaywalking. Gionta faces possession, failure to appear and obstructing charges, according to Douglas County Jail records.

■ Benjamin Cecchettini arrested on a probation violation in the COD Garage Casino at 2 a.m. Saturday.

The Gardnerville Ranchos man was on probation for attempting to intimidate a public officer. He was arrested May 11 for battering his girlfriend. He struggled with a deputy before he was taken into custody.

■ A Johnson Lane woman was taken into custody last week on a warrant issued out of Sacramento.

Audrey G. Gan, 58, faces extradition to California on charges including elder abuse, grand theft and filing false documents.

Gan is due to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Sept. 23.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos man was arrested for possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a deputy investigated a Subaru parked at Ranchos Aspen Park on Wednesday.

The two 17-year-olds and three 15-year-olds sitting in the Subaru’s seats admitted to smoking marijuana. The deputy also spotted Brandon Smalls, 18, allegedly hiding under a blanket in the back with a container of pot. The legal age for possession of marijuana is 21. The older teens were cited and all five were released to their parents.

■ A Lake Tahoe man was taken into custody on Tuesday night on property and drug charges.

Michael A. Jordan, 35, was taken into custody for possession of a stolen vehicle and a controlled substance, according to Douglas County Sheriff’s records.

■ A 60-year-old Carson City woman faces charges of forging a prescription to obtain drugs.

Angela Ann Jeter is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Sept. 25 in connection with three counts. The warrant was issued on Sept. 5, 2017 in connection with the Aug. 9, 2017 occurrence.

■ Two men are facing felony theft charges in relation to an incident at the Gardnerville Walmart early on Sept. 9.

Jesus F. Martinez, 35, of Dayton and Richard L. Rivera, 48, were arrested on burglary charges.

According to court documents, the two men hauled a dozen car batteries, a sound bar and a DVD player out of the Gardnerville Walmart at 4:30 a.m.

Deputies found the black pickup with the car batteries in the back at the Carson Valley Inn where they had stopped.