Serial drunk driver gets up to 8 years in prison |

Serial drunk driver gets up to 8 years in prison

A man, who stopped at a convenience store and a restaurant to start fights on his way to a felony DUI arrest, was sentenced to up to eight years in prison on Tuesday.

Scott Murray Johnstone, 48, admitted to a subsequent felony DUI in connection with his Feb. 27 arrest near Tramway and North Benjamin.

Under the sentence, Johnstone must serve a minimum of 32 months.

Under Nevada law a subsequent felony DUI carries a mandatory prison sentence of up to 15 years.

The eight-year prison sentence was part of a plea agreement with prosecutors in the case. Johnstone’s attorney argued that he should receive 2-5 years.

“Mr. Johnstone, when tending to his mental health and addictive issues appropriately, is a good, honest citizen,” attorney Brian Filter said.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said Johnstone failed to complete DUI court and wound up serving 19-60 months in prison on his first felony DUI. The was released two years before he was arrested in February.

She said two people called deputies after encountering Johnstone the day he was arrested. After deputies found him, he became combative with them.

She pointed out that when he was released he removed both a GPS and transdermal alcohol device while out on bail and was picked up in Lyon County on a warrant.

“I know I messed up, but with the death of my mom, it was overwhelming to step out of prison and into that,” he said. “I didn’t know how to deal with it appropriately.”

District Judge Tod Young followed the prosecution’s recommendation of 32-96 months.

“There’s a punishment required when you commit the exact same felony that sent you to prison before,” Young said.

■ A Californian who stopped in the middle of Highway 395 two years ago was received a suspended 1-4-year prison sentence on Tuesday.

Nathaniel S. Ford, 53, had 13.4 grams of methamphetamine in his vehicle on March 10, 2018, when he was arrested.

He admitted to transporting a controlled substance.

Ford said he was in the hospital on Saturday and wasn’t feeling well at the sentencing.

His attorney said that Ford is diabetic.

■ A warrant was issued for the arrest of a man accused of a probation violation after it was learned he’s serving a six-month sentence in Washoe County.

Nathan Centeno was arrested on New Year’s Day when deputies were called to evict a group of people.

He was on probation for possession of a controlled substance at the time and was reinstated after spending the first two months of the year in custody.

Should his probation be revoked, he faces a 12-34-month prison sentence.

■ An arrest warrant was withdrawn after a Reno man appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Brandon Larmee’s attorney said he couldn’t confirm that Larmee had notice of the setting of his continued sentencing hearing.

Larmee was originally set to be sentenced April 21 after he admitted stealing his elderly grandmother’s truck.

His sentence was delayed until June 2, and the warrant was issued when he didn’t appear.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said Larmee also didn’t appear for an interview with parole and probation.

He is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

District Judge Tod Young told him that probation officials recommended he serve three years in prison with no probation.

■ A Lake Tahoe man received a suspended 12-32-month sentence for possession of a controlled substance.

Paul Edward Baum, 33, was ordered to spend five years on probation.

■ A California man who was found sleeping in front of the Walmart last summer appeared in Douglas County District Court on a warrant return.

He admitted to a charge of possession of stolen property after he used an ID reported taken in a California burglary.

Randy Martin, 34, failed to appear in court for sentencing in September 2019 and was taken into custody in connection with the theft in California.

Martin will remain in custody until his sentencing, which is set for June 29.

■ Charges were dismissed on Tuesday against a Gardnerville man accused of helping take a safe from a Foothill home

Joshua James Goldberg, 42, appeared in Douglas County District Court where prosecutor Chelsea Mazza moved to dismiss the complaint.

A woman who testified against Goldberg at a preliminary hearing is scheduled to be sentenced June 30 on multiple burglaries in the Foothill area.

Bridget Blair, 41, entered guilty pleas to four counts of burglary and one of grand larceny of a firearm.

She admitted breaking into four Foothill homes, including making off with a safe between March 1 and April 5, 2019.