Sacramento man seeks diversion in felony DUI |

Sacramento man seeks diversion in felony DUI

A Sacramento man is seeking diversion on a felony drunken driving charge.

Lucas A. Taylor, 35, is facing a maximum of up to six years in prison and a $5,000 fine after he was pulled over March 13 on Highway 50 near Marla Bay.

Taylor had a .218 blood alcohol content. District Judge Tod Young set his sentencing date for Oct. 27. If he is permitted to participate in DUI court he would have to be tested on a regular basis in California and travel to Minden twice a month to attend DUI court hearings.

■ Characterizing a sentencing agreement a formula for failure, District Judge Tod Young rejected a plea agreement on Tuesday.

Ryan D. McNeill, 41, thanked the judge for rejecting the agreement, which would have required him to pay half his wages for the support of his two children.

McNeill owes $23,000 in back child support for children over the course of eight years. McNeill is working as a dishwasher at a Minden restaurant where he’s making $9 an hour.

Under the agreement, McNeill would have had to pay $473 a month the first year, and $550 in subsequent years for five years. If he was successful, his conviction for felony failure to support his child would be dismissed. But if he failed he would be facing up to five years in prison.

“Those are big payments,” Young observed, in continuing the case.

■ A Reno man denied a charge of possession of a controlled substance on Tuesday and an April 20, 2016, trial date was set.

Patrick Naki, 54, was arrested March 3 after a deputy spotted him pulling into Silver State RV Park from Highway 395.

During Naki’s prelimary hearing, the deputy testified that he contacted him because he felt Naki was acting suspiciously. The deputy allegedly found two bags of methamphetamine.

Naki’s attorney, Maria Pence, is challenging the validity of the search that found the drugs. Naki is out of custody on $6,000 bail.