Rocky Boice Jr. gets 15 years in federal prison |

Rocky Boice Jr. gets 15 years in federal prison


A convicted murderer who terrorized two women and whose suspected presence resulted in a lock down at China Spring Youth Camp last year is serving a federal 15-year prison sentence.

Rocky Boice Jr., 40, admitted to assault with a dangerous weapon and use of a firearm in a crime of violence. According to the plea agreement, he won’t be released early on parole.

He was sentenced in January in federal court to consecutive terms. He is also subject to supervised release for eight years after he finishes his sentence, during which he could be returned to prison should he violate conditions.

Boice was the subject of a Feb. 23, 2018, manhunt in the Pine Nuts around China Spring Youth Camp for allegedly trying to murder someone.

Three days later, on Feb. 26, 2018, Boice entered a home on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation where he threatened two women in the home with a knife, stabbing one of them.

The second woman ran from the home to call for help.

While in a stand-off with authorities, Boice pointed a .22 caliber rifle at the victim, shooting her twice in the shoulder and the head.

After 12 hours, the Washoe County Special Weapons and Tactics Team stormed the house and took him into custody.

Boice was one of 10 people convicted in the 1998 beating death of Eastwood Toker founder Sammy Resendiz in a Carson City hotel room.

He was sentenced to prison and paroled in 2015.