Reported Texas parole absconder arrested in Gardnerville Ranchos |

Reported Texas parole absconder arrested in Gardnerville Ranchos

Jerimiah Brown

An alleged parole absconder from Texas was arrested in the Gardnerville Ranchos on Saturday after he attempted to elude deputies on a bicycle.

Jerimiah Brown, 36, was spotted by a patrol deputy riding the bicycle west on Riverview Drive.

The deputy became suspicious when Brown kept looking back at him after passing, so followed him up the hill and saw him ride onto Dresslerville without signalling.

Brown stopped for the deputy after running a stop sign. Brown gave the deputy a false name and address.

After trying to track down Brown’s identity with the information, and not finding anything, the deputy asked for Brown’s wallet, where he saw several casino player cards with his real name on it. As the deputy went to check on Brown, he pedaled away.

Two deputies pursued the man with lights and sirens until Muir Drive where they lost sight of him.

Brown was spotted again riding on South Riverview Drive, descending to the golf course, and then across the golf course toward the East Fork of the Carson River. The deputy ran after him, and was able to corner him at the riverbank.

Brown is wanted in Texas for leaving the state while on parole for sale of methamphetamine and GHB.

A search revealed a plastic bag containing suspected traces of methamphetamine, four sandwich bags containing marijuana, and a couple of cell phones. According to the sheriff’s report, Brown said he’d smoked methamphetamine that morning. He allegedly has four years left to serve on his Texas prison sentence.