Reno man admits threatening security with knife |

Reno man admits threatening security with knife

An Aug. 20 trial was vacated in the case of a Washoe County School District Jr. ROTC staff member who admitted he menaced hotel security staff with a knife last year.

William G. Herrera, 51, entered a plea of guilty but mentally ill to a charge of conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon on Monday.

Herrera suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, according to an evaluation, attorney Joey Gilbert said.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said the plea was designed to get Herrera help and to keep firearms out of his hands.

Gilbert said Herrera would participate in Reno Veterans Court.

Under his plea, Herrera could be sentenced to up to 364 days in jail in connection with his Oct. 1, 2018, arrest.

Herrera charged $460 to a credit card that was declined prompting Hard Rock security to check on him. When they came to his room, he threatened them with a knife, and they retreated. He reportedly stabbed the room door as they closed it. He’d also booked rooms in Carson City where he stashed weapons. Carson City deputies checked the rooms and reportedly found weapons and property belonging to the school district.

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Ricardo J. Medina, 23, was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison on Tuesday for using someone else’s identity to avoid prosecution.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said Medina had numerous warrants, which made him a bad candidate for probation.