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Ranchos man in custody after fighting deputies

Addison Orr
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A deputy will undergo testing after he was exposed to a known drug user’s blood after a struggle in the Gardnerville Ranchos on Thursday.

Deputies were called to Wheeler Way after a resident said he saw someone hanging around his mailbox.

The deputy spotted Addison Orr, 28, who matched the man’s description, walking on Langley and contacted him.

Orr threw his hat down and took a fighting stance, but the deputy tried to calm him down. According to the affidavit filed with East Fork Justice Court, Orr then picked up a rock, which the deputy convinced him to drop.

Orr tried to walk away, but the deputy, concerned that Orr is violent when under the influence, tried to take him into custody.

That’s when Orr started swinging his fists at the deputy, according to the report.

A customer at the nearby 7-Eleven called Orr by name, and Orr responded by hitting the man with his knee and fist, injuring him.

Deputies tackled Orr, who allegedly reached for one of their guns during the struggle.

After getting him restrained, the deputy found he had Orr’s blood on him and an open wound.

Orr was arrested during Carson Valley Days after he allegedly laid down in front of the beer booth, claiming he was God and the server was Satan.

After being taken for treatment, Orr was booked into Douglas County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery on an officer, resisting and obstructing.

His bail on the Carson Valley Days disorderly conduct charge was revoked. He is scheduled to return to East Fork Justice Court on Monday.

Undersheriff Paul Howell said sheriff’s office policy is for anyone exposed to a blood borne illness to undergo testing and evaluation under State Industrial Insurance rules.