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Ranchos man found guilty of child endangerment

by Amy Alonzo

A Gardnerville Ranchos man will spend 15 weekends in jail for child endangerment.

William E. Craig, 38, was arrested in May after being involved in a collision at Highway 207 and South Benjamin Drive in Stateline. Craig, who had a 13 year-old and an 8-year-old in the car with him at the time of the accident, had a breath alcohol concentration of .101.

Prosecutor Ric Casper said Craig was charged in 2009 with a similar offense for child endangerment.

Since the accident Craig has attended AA meetings and admitted he is an alcoholic, defense attorney Bill Cole said.

“I made a mistake,” Craig told Judge Tod Young Monday in Douglas County District Court.

“You didn’t make a mistake,” Young said, cutting him off. “You did this on purpose.

“Your evaluation tells me that you drink a lot every weekend … after you’ve gone to jail for being too drunk to take care of your kids. Everybody tells you what a good dad you are. You’re not. Drunks don’t make good dads.”

In addition to jail time, Craig was ordered to attend counseling for three years and to complete 150 hours of community service.

He has not been sentenced for the DUI yet.

A Gardnerville man was released from jail and ordered to pay nearly $65,000 in child support.

Richard L. Bowlen, 47, was arrested in June for owing just under $65,000. Failure to pay is a category C felony. He was ordered to make payments of at least $500 per month.

A Gardnerville woman will be sentenced in March for unlawful acts related to bodily fluids, a gross misdemeanor.

Nikki M. Wilhelm, 57, admitted to attempting to spit on a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy.

According to court documents, dispatch received a call on Dec. 18, 2016, that a person was attempting to jump from a moving vehicle. Deputies found that vehicle parked on Esmeralda Avenue, where they saw two people attempt to stop Wilhelm from walking away. A deputy approached Wilhelm, who appeared drunk. The officer knew she was on probation, so he asked for her to take a breathalyzer test. Her breath alcohol measured at .22. The officer arrested Wilhelm, who attempted to spit in his face.

Her sentencing set for March 28.