Psychic ordered to pay restitution |

Psychic ordered to pay restitution

by Aurora Sain

Finally able to see that she needed to be in court, one former Minden psychic appeared in Douglas County District Court to describe how she would pay back a woman she bilked.

Helen Welch, 65, was present in court Tuesday to discuss terms of her probation.

Welch told her victim that she needed to do certain things in order to prevent her son from dying. Welch had the client get a coffin and some of her son’s belongings that they were supposed to bury.

Welch had the victim sign a loan on a car, which Welch would then exclusively drive. Welch and the client both cosigned on the loan, but payments have not been made since April.

Welch’s original court date was scheduled for Aug. 25, but she did not show up and District Judge Tod Young said she needed to find work.

In that time, Welch has been collecting social security and selling trinkets and various other craft items when she can, in addition to taking care of her sick husband.

Young ordered her to pay $350 a month to the victim in order to cover the cost of the car’s monthly payments, with the first restitution payment due on Nov. 1.

“I just want to pay as much as I can and put this whole thing behind me,” said Welch.

■ After spending a long time in jail, and hearing statements from the victim, a teenager was finally sentenced Tuesday for engaging in sexual intercourse in a public place.

Jose Clemente, 19, was charged with indecent exposure, a gross misdemeanor.

He was sentenced to 364 days in Douglas County Jail with 230 days time served.

■ Leo Emil Glaster, 34, wrote a letter to Judge Young expressing how sorry he was for the things he has done.

He was in court on Oct. 13, after being returned on a warrant. At that time, Young revoked his bail and kept him in custody until Tuesday.

Glaster is accused of threatening his ex-wife and her boyfriend. When deputies arrived to his ex-wife’s residence, he ignored commands by deputies to show himself and get out of a nearby bush. Glaster then cocked his arm back and walked toward his ex-wife and the deputy had to taze him.

Glaster was also in court on a felony DUI charge, with two previous offenses in the last seven years.

He requested diversion, and Young ordered a pre-sentence investigation.

They will allow him to attend an inpatient treatment between now and the sentencing date if they are able to find a spot for him.

Sentencing was set for Dec. 22.

■ Tabitha Fischer, 22, was in court again on Tuesday after violating her probation terms by consuming alcohol.

She was granted community supervision on Sept. 29, and released to Washoe Valley where she said she had friends to stay with; she violated only four days later.

She consumed alcohol in public, and ignored a police officer who tried to call her over.

“I want to apologize for not taking the chance that you guys gave me,” Fischer said.

Fischer will start serving 12 to 30 months in a Nevada prison, with 181 days of time served.

“I’m hoping that someday you will see the value of Tabitha Fischer,” said Young. “You have got to start to realize that you have value.”

■ Kevin Duane Garrett, 51, granted an honorable discharge from both probation and diversion

Garrett was arrested in 2013 possession of a large amount of marijuana and pointing a shotgun at someone. He has been clean since his arrest, but said he would use medical marijuana after he is off probation.