Prying open slots leads to prison |

Prying open slots leads to prison

A Gardnerville Ranchos man caught prying open slot machines with a tire iron at a Stateline casino was sentenced to up to six years in prison on Monday.

Reece James Lindahl, 30, will serve a 16-72-month sentence for burglary simultaneously with a 12-48-month sentence for conspiracy to violate the gaming control act.

Lindahl was arrested Oct. 19, 2019, after casino security spotted him on video prying open a machine.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza didn’t argue with defense attorney John Malone’s contention that Lindahl was a heroin addict.

Malone said the fact that Lindahl was willing to commit the theft in such a blatant manner in the full view of security cameras indicated how desperate he was.

Mazza said that Lindahl committed a similar act in Carson City.

“It’s one thing for him to be an addict, but most of his felonies are for theft,” she said.

She listed four felonies, including burglaries and possession of stolen property, on his record.

Because he has a prior felony burglary, Lindahl was not eligible for probation.

“I have a major problem and I haven’t addressed it,” he said. “This addiction has taken a lot of things away from me.”

District Judge Tom Gregory followed the recommendation of Parole and Probation and the prosecution in sentencing Lindahl. He was given credit for 109 days time served.