Prison for woman in robbery at gunpoint |

Prison for woman in robbery at gunpoint

Taylor Pettaway

A Gardnerville woman was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for her involvement in a violent robbery last December.

Stacy R. Conti-Salway, 35, was sentenced in court Monday despite tearful pleas to the judge to grant her probation.

“I made a horrible decision … to think I was capable of that with my state of mind drives me crazy,” Conti-Salway said.

She was arrested in December after kidnapping and robbing a man at gunpoint. The state told the court that Conti-Salway had been “stringing (the victim) along” for months with flirtatious promises in exchange for money. When the victim broke things off with her, Conti-Salway and her accomplice, Francisco Perez, lured the victim to Conti-Salway’s residence where they robbed him at gunpoint.

According to reports, when the victim originally refused to give her money, Perez hit him in the face with an aluminum bat. The two then pointed a gun at the victim’s chest and told him to drive them to an ATM to empty his accounts.

Conti-Salway was originally charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, robbery with a firearm, false imprisonment, coerce, fraudulent use of a credit card and kidnapping in the first degree.

Conti-Salway’s lawyer tried to argue that the crime was drug-driven, and asking for a suspended sentence with probation so that she could attend drug court.

Both the defense and prosecution did credit her assistance in the case, stating that she began helping detectives before a plea deal was put into place.

However, the prosecution argued that the nature of the crime still warranted prison time and Judge Thomas Gregory agreed.

The judge sentenced Conti-Salway to 120 months in the Nevada Department of Corrections with parole eligibility after 36 months.

A Carson City man was sentenced to prison following a probation revocation Monday.

Joshua L. Patterson, 27, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for destruction of evidence charges and 12-48 months for his probation revocation for attempting to elude.

Patterson was granted probation in July on attempting to elude peace officers after a vehicle chase in March 2016. When he checked in with his probation officer at the end of July, he tested negative for drugs or alcohol. Officials checked his cell phone and discovered that Patterson had texts saying he was trying to sell “20 mg of oxycodone for $25” and trying to sell marijuana oil, the day he was granted probation.

Patterson was arrested on the probation violation. When in jail, he called his girlfriend asking her to erase messages and other information from his cell phone remotely.

He tried to tell the court that he deserved another chance at probation and drug court because he had changed.

“Since I have been here I have gotten more clear with my thoughts. I am just doing as much to better myself and get back on track,” Patterson said.

Patterson was sentenced to 30 days in jail to run concurrent, however, his time served already credited that sentencing. His original probation sentencing was reinstated.

A South Lake Tahoe man and Minden woman were both granted diversion during their sentences Monday.

Alexander L. Demetre-Manwill, 22, was granted diversion after pleading guilty to charges of possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Demetre-Manwill was arrested April 17 after deputies conducted a traffic stop near Highway 50 and Kahle Drive after a warrant was found. Upon investigation, deputies discovered 11 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle. Demetre-Manwill said he uses it to makes lotions and edibles to sell to dispensaries in California. He was originally charged with sales of a controlled substance, no insurance, expired registration and a warrant.

He will complete an inpatient treatment for his diversion.

Tia L. Bacon, 33, was sentenced to probation with drug court for charges of possession of a controlled substance.

“I am grateful for this opportunity… this is all helping me to save my life,” Bacon told the court.

Bacon was arrested June 11 after deputies responded to reports of a rolling domestic dispute near Tesden Lane. When deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, Bacon admitted to having a hypodermic needle and methamphetamine on her.

A Minden woman was sentenced to 34 months in prison on drug charges.

Janis L. Payton, 54, was arrested Feb. 16, after deputies responded to reports of a welfare check near the 700 block of Tulip Court. Upon investigation, deputies discovered methamphetamine and baggies in Payton’s bedroom and she was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, domestic battery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Payton was sentenced to 34 months with parole eligibility at 12 months for the possession for sales charge.