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Pool: ‘I never claimed to be a lawyer’

A former Gardnerville resident, who got in trouble after appearing in Tahoe Township Court but not giving his name, said he never claimed to be an attorney.

Jaden Pool said his intention was to challenge the court’s jurisdiction, but that Justice of the Peace Richard Glasson kicked him out of court.

“I was attempting to go down a legal route that may have been ill-advised,” he said. “The judge kicked me out of court without knowing who I was.”

Pool appeared in court on April 21. At that hearing Glasson called Pool’s name, but Pool said he never identified himself.

According to a video of the proceeding, Pool told the judge he was legal counsel.

“Who are you, sir?” Glasson asked.

“I’m his representative. You can call me counsel,” Pool responded.

Glasson asked Pool if he was a lawyer and a member of the Nevada bar.

“I’m of legal grounds,” Pool said, but admitted he didn’t belong to the bar.

Glasson told him to sit down, and again called for the defendant. Glasson issued a warrant for Pool’s arrest, but by this time he had left the building.

Pool said he didn’t have to identify himself to the judge.

“It’s very complicated,” he said on Thursday. “The court wouldn’t hear me so I was unable to speak. I was never attempting to be an attorney, merely represent myself.”

Pool said he turned himself in on May 27, was sentenced for the misdemeanors he was accused of and is now out of jail.

“I’m a free man,” he said. “I have stuff to do in America.”