Plea changed in knife-wielding event |

Plea changed in knife-wielding event

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A Gardnerville man who had previously denied choking his wife and threatening both her and their child with a butcher knife changed his plea on Monday.

Tristan Cassidy, 29, pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon for the Jan. 2 incident.

Cassidy originally denied the pair of assault with a deadly weapon charges, as well as battery that constitutes domestic violence committed by strangulation and child endangerment charges.

His lawyer, Andrew List, said that his client had pleaded not guilty initially potentially wanting to use temporary insanity as a defense.

List said that Cassidy is pursing a mental health evaluation to look into potential PTSD.

Cassidy’s mental health will only be used in mitigation of his sentencing, not a defense, List said.

Because Cassidy pleaded guilty to the single assault with a deadly weapon charge, the other three will be missed in pursuant to his plea agreement.

A second instance of driving under the influence that allegedly happened Nov. 13, 2015, will also be dropped.

Cassidy is eligible for probation. At his April 18, sentencing Cassidy faces up to six years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

Cassidy’s $50,000 cash only bail was ordered to stand, after his attorney asked for a reduction so he could be released to seek a mental health evaluation on his own.

■ A Yerington man admitted to flashing his pistol at another driver who honked at him.

Christopher Goodman, 32, pleaded guilty to aiming a firearm at a human begin, a gross misdemeanor.

Goodman was arrested Sept. 7, 2015, after the incident occurred just north of China Spring Road.

“I passed him and he honked at me and I flipped him off,” Goodman told the court on Monday. “Then he reached for something that I thought was a firearm, and I reacted in a way that I was trained to, and pulled my pistol out of the door of my car and showed it to him out the back window.”

According to his attorney, Maria Pence, Goodman could qualify to participate in Washoe County Veteran’s Court, and he’s filed an application.

A review hearing was set for March 14 to discuss Goodman’s sentence.

He faces 364 days in jail or a $2,000 fine if his request for Veteran’s Court is denied.

Goodman was allowed to remain out on bail.

■ A Las Vegas woman admitted to leaving her child in a hotel room with methamphetamine within reach.

Elise Sledge, 26, admitted to possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

“I had put my baby down for a nap, and went downstairs for maybe 15 or 20 minutes,” Sledge told the court Monday.

According to court documents, the cleaning staff had found the baby in the room alone Feb. 6.

Sledge arrived back at the room shortly after deputies did, telling them she had gone to look for her boyfriend to keep him from gambling more. Deputies found methamphetamine on a nearby counter.

According to her lawyer, Sledge is on probation for a gross misdemeanor charge out of Las Vegas.

Sledge was released on her own recognizance to go to Vegas to deal with the probation hold.

While she is out on her own recognizance, Sledge was ordered to have no contact with her child unless is it authorized by the Department of Child Services.

Sledge faces 12-48 months plus up to a $5,000 fine for the possession of a controlled substance felony and up to 364 days and a $2,000 fine for the child endangerment gross misdemeanor.

Generally possession charges carry mandatory probation, but because of Sledge’s Vegas probation it is not longer mandatory.

Sentencing is May 2.

■ An additional two weeks was given to a Gardnerville woman whose competency to understand her case is in question.

Tanisha Snowden, 41, is facing possession of burglary tools, a gross misdemeanor.

Snowden was arrested Jan. 26 after she was frightened off after looking in the windows of vehicles parked at Stafford Auto in Gardnerville.

Deputies were able to locate Snowden, dressed all in black, down the road.

East Fork Justice Court originally ordered the competency evaluation Feb. 5.

The evaluation has yet to be completed and information from Lake’s Crossing that is working with Snowden has not given any information about the subject.

Snowden will appear in court again on March 14.

Her bail of $2,701 was ordered to stand.