Pizza Factory burglar sent to prison |

Pizza Factory burglar sent to prison

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A man who took $132 during an April burglary at the Pizza Factory in Minden was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison on Monday.

Chad Russell Hunter, 48, claimed he was drunk when the April 21 break-in occurred and remembered very little of what happened.

The victim in the case said that the robbery affected her security at a business she’d worked on for years.

“You chose a criminal lifestyle instead of working,” she said.

Defense attorney Kris Brown asked the judge to consider putting Hunter on probation, saying most of his criminal record stemmed from alcohol abuse.

She said a prior arrest for burglary was because he was drunk when he went to the wrong hotel room and got into an altercation with the occupant.

Hunter said he was drinking every day at the time of the theft and that he is an insulin-taking diabetic.

“At that point I didn’t care,” he said. “I’m not the person I was that night.”

Judge Tom Gregory pointed out that the offenses on Hunter’s record were not minor.

He ordered him to pay $655 in restitution and granted him 143 days time served. Hunter has been in custody since April 21.

Investigators linked the burglary with other break-ins that occurred in the Ironwood center between Thanksgiving and Jan. 11, including a similar one at the Pizza Factory and another at the Dairy Queen on Dec. 29.

The victim asked the judge to order restitution for a cash register that disappeared in the January burglary, but neither of those other cases were charged.

He was arrested after investigators recognized him from security video that showed a man breaking the front window.