Pedestrian death remains unsolved |

Pedestrian death remains unsolved


If you have information about Roberto Palomar-Espinoza’s death, call 775-782-7463 regarding case No. 17-SO-19545.

Three years after the body of 21-year-old Roberto Palomar-Espinoza was found alongside Fremont Avenue near Johnson Lane in Minden, authorities have no new leads in his death.

Maria Prado-Espinosa, his aunt, said the questions surrounding Palomar-Espinoza’s death continue to haunt his family.

“What amazes me about all this is the following, the incident happened in a relatively small town, Fremont Street near Johnson Lane in Douglas County,” she said. “Whoever knows what happened is not talking. What does it take for someone to speak up?”

Prado-Espinosa said that whomever is responsible for hitting Palomar-Espinoza is carrying a terrible secret.

“It has been three years,” she said. “The hole in our hearts is not getting any better. Someone killed Roberto. How does anyone get over something like that? Let me tell you; we do not. We need closure, we need answers, we need to move on and we cannot. We are stuck. Life goes on, and we live our lives, but there is always something that is missing.”

Palomar-Espinoza is survived by his mother, who is facing life without her son.

“But one thought, one comment, one memory, and she crumbles,” Prado-Espinosa said. “There is nothing anyone can say that will console her. Her child was ripped from her life without warning. No one needs to experience trauma like that.”

She said she has seen people who have, in their grief, tried to justify the deceased’s lifestyle.

“In my opinion, my loved one was killed, and it doesn’t matter who he was or what he did,” she said. “He was part of me, and his death hurt my family and me. We loved him and missed him terribly.”

Palomar-Espinoza’s body was found 5 a.m. July 1, 2017.

He was walking home from a party that night, not far from where his body was found, when he was struck.

It wasn’t unusual for Roberto to walk home, according to his family. He worked at the Gardnerville Chevron and would walk home from his job.

He’d just received a drivers license and was planning to attend Western Nevada College in the fall.

The family was told he was at a bonfire party that night and then went to another party at someone’s home.

When his body was found, it was so mangled by the collision that it took investigators days to identify him.

He was the only child of Roberto Palomar and Catalina Espinoza. He lived in Carson Valley all his life and graduated from Aspire Academy High School in 2015.

The case is being investigated by the Nevada Highway Patrol’s Multidisciplinary Investigation and Reconstruction Team.

Nothing new has arisen in the case, according to Nevada Highway Patrol spokeswoman Hannah DeGoey.

Undersheriff Ron Elges said he thinks of the case often.

If anyone has any information to provide, they can email