Parking lot rampager faces 1-3 years in prison |

Parking lot rampager faces 1-3 years in prison

A man who admitted to a drunken rampage in the parking lot of the Zephyr Cove Safeway is in custody for a probation violation.

Cameron Pellow, 22, is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on May 12 where he could face 1-3 years in prison.

Pellow was sentenced for attempting to elude officers in connection with a March 30, 2019, incident. He came to deputies’ attention after he was shoplifting drunk.

Pellow drove around the parking lot, nearly hitting several people and a patrol car before escaping down Highway 50.

Distracted by a Stateline bar, he stopped, and deputies were able to pull him out of his vehicle at gunpoint.

Pellow was extradited from prison in California where he was serving a sentence involving a 47-mile chase around Auburn, Calif., on Sept. 19, 2019, just 10 weeks after his July 2 sentencing in Douglas County.

A Topaz Ranch Estates man with a record of felonies received a suspended 12-30-month prison sentence for felony drug possession.

Adam Westmark, 30, had a gram of heroin and .7 grams of methamphetamine when he was arrested, or personal use amounts, according to his attorney.

Because of his record, the possession count doesn’t carry mandatory probation.

“In July we wouldn’t even be talking about prison,” Attorney Maria Pence argued.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza argued that Westmark has been convicted of four felonies and racked up the current charge while on parole.

Gregory pointed out that Westmark has had several chances to avoid prison. He was ordered to enter and complete a drug inpatient program.

A Zephyr Cove man admitted to felony possession of a controlled substance in connection with his Dec. 5, 2019, arrest at Lake Tahoe.

Paul Edward Baum, 33, faces 1-4 years in prison. He was previously convicted of a possession charge and ordered to attend Western Nevada Regional Drug Court in February 2017.

Baum is scheduled to be sentenced June 22.

A Carson City woman who was arrested after it appeared she’d been staying in a Minden motel storeroom admitted to possession of heroin on Monday.

Dayana Ayalaochoa, 24, faces up to four years in prison, but her attorney said he anticipated her participating in an inpatient program before seeking diversion. Sentencing was set for June 22.