Motorcycle thief rides off to prison |

Motorcycle thief rides off to prison


A burglar and motorcycle thief was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison after he admitted to a single count of burglary with a deadly weapon.

Jesse Lewis Martinez, 29, must also pay more than $5,000 in restitution to the owner of the Harley-Davidson he stole in Sparks, and to the owner of the Centerville home he broke into on Dec. 18.

The motorcycle owner was in court on Tuesday, having written a letter to the judge. He declined to make a victim impact statement in addition to the letter.

Attorney Brian Filter argued for Martinez to receive probation, saying the transient is a machinist and could find work that would raise the money needed to pay restitution.

He said that Martinez struggled with alcohol issues.

Martinez said he was working a contract in Colorado around Thanksgiving but went on a bender after he was let go. He said he traveled to Salt Lake City where he met up with people who sold him methamphetamine. He continued to make his way to Reno.

“I got high and lost my tools,” he said. “I was not in my right mind.”

District Judge Tod Young said he believed that it was the first time Martinez had come close to sharing the truth about what happened, pointing out he said one thing in his substance abuse evaluation and told Parole and Probation something else.

“You are a thief and a liar,” Young said. “You busted in the door of a business and stole something.”

Martinez was caught after deputies spotted him trying to start the Harley on Highway 88 near Centerville. The motorcycle had been stolen the day before and wasn’t in the crime database yet, but one of the deputies became suspicious when he looked up the registered owner on Facebook and it appeared to be someone else. The deputies then parked along Highway 88 and waited for Martinez to ride by, pulling him over next to the East Fork bridge.

He was found with three firearms he’d taken from a Centerville home after he kicked the door in.

■ A Californian faces 2-5 years in prison after he admitted to breaking into a Carson Valley home just before Christmas 2017.

Dylan Matthew Pettigrew, 44, admitted to one count of attempted burglary on Tuesday. He faces sentencing on April 21.

Pettigrew was the subject of a chilly manhunt through the fields between Muller and Mottsville lanes, after the homeowner of the home discovered him.