Mom sentenced for doing drugs near baby |

Mom sentenced for doing drugs near baby

by Aurora Sain

Doing drugs with an infant in the room and leaving the child unattended landed one mother in trouble with the court.

Elise Rachel Sledge, 26, was arrested in February after maid service found a baby alone in a hotel room at Mont Bleu Resort Casino & Spa.

When deputies arrived they found the baby and drug paraphernalia in plain view.

When sledge got back to the room, she said she had only been gone for a half hour looking for her boyfriend.

She admitted to smoking methamphetamine in the room that he baby was in.

Since her arrest, Sledge served time in Clark County and is now residing in a recovery house while the child lives with relatives.

She will take parenting classes and stress management classes.

“I just realized that I needed to change,” said Sledge.

She was sentenced to 5 years of probation for felony possession of a controlled substance.

That charge carries a 12-34 month suspended prison sentence.

She was sentenced to 2 years of probation for the gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment.

That charge carries an underlying 364-day jail sentence that is to run concurrent.

She was also ordered to pay over $1,500 in fees and fines.

“If you don’t abide by the terms of the probation, this court will send you to prison,” said Judge Tom Gregory.

■ Jaclyn Thunn, 30, was sentenced on Monday for gross misdemeanor unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

Thunn took a rental car that was in her boyfriends mothers name, and didn’t return it when she was supposed to.

It was found abandoned by the California Highway Patrol.

“I would like to apologize for my actions,” said Thunn.

She was given a 364 suspended sentence, and placed on probation not to exceed three years.

She was ordered to pay $273 in fees and $1,982.18 in restitution.

“I want this restitution paid,” said Gregory.

■ Bernard Pickard, 47, pleaded guilty on Monday to felony assault with a deadly weapon pursuant to the Alford plea.

The Alford plea is a way for defendants to maintain innocence, but admit that the evidence the prosecution has would likely persuade a judge or jury to find them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Pickard was arrested in August after a domestic battery call was placed.

When deputies arrived at his house, Pickard took a fighting stance and raised a fist at the deputy causing the deputy to tase him.

According to the police report, Pickard grabbed his mother by the throat and choked her.

When she tried to escape, he followed her and held her down with a knife to her neck.

He then began striking his mother in the face.

He is facing up to 72 months and up to a $5,000 fine.

His request for an own recognizance release was denied.

Sentencing was set for Nov. 7 at 9 a.m.

■ Douglas Ramiro Miller, 26, was in court on Monday for a probation violation after quitting the Salvation Army program.

He was sentenced for possession of a controlled substance for a 2015 offense and ordered into the Salvation Army program when he decided to stop going.

He traveled to Hayword, Calif. to be with family, but didn’t get it approved by parole and probation first.

He said that he couldn’t sleep while in the Salvation Army program and asked if he could go on a walk but they told him no.

He left anyways, tried to get into a homeless shelter and when that didn’t work he headed to California.

“This is an addict behaving as an addict,” said his attorney Derrick Lopez.

Lopez asked for Miller to stay in custody until October and then be released to his brother, but Gregory denied the request.

Miller was sentenced to 12-48 months in prison with credit for 72 days time served.

■ Colleen Hernandez, 36, was sent to prison for her probation violation on Monday.

She was originally serving probation for sales of a controlled substance for selling prescription medication.

Her probation violation was for lying to the officers about her prescription that she was doubling up on.

They asked to see the bottle with the pills but she failed to show it to them.

“I’m not a lost cause your honor,” said Hernandez.

She was originally addicted to methamphetamine and marijuana, but she stopped using both.

“I apologize for being dishonest,” said Hernandez. “I want to be better for myself and my kids.”

She was given a 19-48 month prison sentence with credit for 64 days time served.

“You’ve been afforded many opportunities by this court,” said Gregory.

■ A Gardnerville man is being held on a parole violation and several battery charges after he accosted a couple in downtown Gardnerville on Sunday night.

Sean Andrew Maxwell, 40, was arrested after deputies responded to a report of a man chasing someone with a bottle.

According to the couple, Maxwell approached them and asked for a light at 11 p.m. When told they didn’t have one, he allegedly threw a beer at the man.

When deputies arrived Maxwell fought them, requiring them to use their batons and a Taser.

According to the sheriff’s report, he was still struggling when he arrived in the jail and had to be put in the restraint chair.

Maxwell was too intoxicated on Monday morning to be arraigned and his case was delayed until Wednesday.