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Minden kidnapper eligible for parole in May

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A former Minden man who was sentenced to five years to life in prison for kidnapping an 11-year-old boy from a church youth group become eligible for parole in May.

Jacob Wilcher, 25, was sentenced in 2012 after admitting to the Sept. 11, 2011, incident in which he grabbed the victim from the youth gathering at Lifepoint Church and ran around the building.

By the time members of the congregation caught up to him, he’d taken all his clothes off. They grabbed him, but he broke free and made it to his vehicle.

A member of the congregation pursued Wilcher in his vehicle until deputies arrived and forced him to stop.

The incident was deemed sexually motivated, and should he be released Wilcher will be under lifetime supervision.

Parole cases like Wilcher’s require a meeting of the Board of Parole Commissioners because the sexual nature of the case.