Men face domestic battery charges |

Men face domestic battery charges

by Amy Alonzo

An Indian Hills man was arrested Thursday on domestic battery charges.

Don C. Peterson, 44, was arrested on a warrant for allegedly beating his girlfriend, possibly breaking bones in her face.

“Whenever he is mad I get beat,” she allegedly told a deputy.

In one instance, he allegedly beat her after her puppy slobbered on him. His bail is set at $10,000.

A Topaz-area man was arrested Saturday, also on domestic battery charges.

According to court documents, Matthew C. Reeves, 58, was being evicted from Holbrook Station Mobile Home and RV Park. His parents were helping Reeves move out, when Reeves allegedly pushed his father, age 80, out of the home. When Reeves’ mother attempted to break up the fight, she was kicked in the head.

Reeves’ bail is set at $11,012.