Mandatory prison return on drug deals |

Mandatory prison return on drug deals


A Californian faces up to a dozen years in prison after he admitted to trafficking and sales of methamphetamine.

Theodore Marino, 42, admitted Monday to trafficking and sales of a controlled substance in connection with three drug deals that occurred last summer in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Marino was transported from California on a warrant issued in October.

He faces up to 12-72 months on each charge. Prison is mandatory in the trafficking charge.

According to court files, he sold 1.8 ounces of methamphetamine during the transactions on July 23, Aug. 1 and Aug. 23.

Under negotiations, Marino must also pay for his extradition to Nevada.

He is scheduled to be sentenced May 11.

■ A December trial was set in the case against a Gardnerville Ranchos woman facing prison for a subsequent drunken driving arrest.

Sally Joy Seagren, 57, appeared online in Douglas County District Court to deny driving under the influence with a prior felony.

Seagren underwent surgery and was not able to be present in court.

Should she be convicted, Seagren faces 2-15 years in prison. She’s accused of being drunk during a rear-end collision at Tillman and Muir in the Gardnerville Ranchos. She served a prison term for driving under the influence in 2016.

■ A Carson City man’s attorney received a week’s continuance after his client apparently rejected a plea agreement at the last moment.

Daniel Duckworth, 37, faces up to 364 days in jail in connection with a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment.

Duckworth said he didn’t believe the prosecution could prove he used his daughter’s blanket to hide stolen property at the Target on Feb. 9.

Duckworth was arrested on March 1 in Carson City after drugs were found during a car stop. Duckworth admitted telling Douglas Alternative Sentencing officers that he had an emergency medical issue when he was supposed to test when he was actually in custody. He also admitted to using methamphetamine. His bail will stand at $1,500 cash.

■ A Lake Tahoe resident was able to avoid a felony on Monday by completing Western Nevada Regional Drug Court.

William J. Weldy, 36, admitted embezzling $28,700 from the Lake Tahoe Cinnabon. In September 2018, he was granted a deferred sentence that would allow him to withdraw his admission to felony embezzlement if he completed the program.

Weldy admitted to a gross misdemeanor and received a suspended 364-day sentence. His probation will last three years. He has been making payments to as part of his deferral and will continue to do so during his three-year probation.

■ A California woman was fined $1,000 after she admitted to a count of gross misdemeanor conspiracy on March 3.

Kiasi Luboviski, 24, admitted to serving as the driver for Briana Williams during a rash of smash-and-grab vehicle burglaries at Lake Tahoe in April 2019.

“I was influenced by the person I was staying with at the time,” she told District Judge Tod Young.

She was sentenced in South Lake Tahoe to four years formal probation and served 210 days in jail for the thefts in California. She paid $1,432 in the case.

Williams admitted to being a principal to grand larceny and was given a suspended 1-3-year sentence in December.

■ A nationwide warrant was issued for a Lake Tahoe man who faces sentencing on a felony charge for stealing a bicycle.

Christopher Nick Silva, 34, failed to appear in Douglas County District Court for sentencing on March 3.

Silva admitted a felony theft charge in 2016 and was given an opportunity at diversion. He could face up to five years in prison for taking the $3,000 bicycle.