Man with local ties faces prison |

Man with local ties faces prison

by Amy Alonzo

A Florida man with local ties will be sentenced in February for his third DUI.

Dara Siev, 42, of Pinellas Park, Fla., admitted in Douglas County District Court Tuesday to driving with a blood alcohol level of .197 in October 2015.

Siev was pulled over for reckless driving on Highway 395 near Airport Road. There was an open, 25-ounce Budweiser in the cup holder at the time he was stopped.

Siev entered a plea agreement seeking 12-30 months in prison. The maximum penalty for a third DUI is up to six years. He is not seeking diversion.

Siev had previous DUIs in 2013 and 2014, both in El Dorado County.

His sentencing is set for Feb. 21

■ A Sacramento man admitted to taking the cash drawer from a Cinnabon, but says he was too drunk at the time to remember doing it.

Brandon M. Lopez, 25, entered a guilty plea in exchange for the state recommending probation rather than the maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Lopez was caught on video in October 2015 stealing the cash drawer from the Cinnabon at Harvey’s Casino. He said he was on Zanax at the time and had also consumed alcohol that night, and that he didn’t remember committing the crime.

According to court documents, that same night a separate video caught footage of a man matching Lopez’s description kicking in the door of a hotel on Cedar Avenue and stealing money from the cash register.

His sentencing is set for Feb. 21.

■ A Gardnerville man with a long history of drug use and criminal activity remains in custody as officials determine what sort of treatment he will receive.

Stefan Delia was pulled over in April after he failed to properly yield at a stop sign. After a drug dog sniffed the car, pot, a pipe with methamphetamine residue and 8.1 grams of methamphetamine were found in the vehicle.

Discussion between Judge Tod Young and Delia’s attorney, Derrick Lopez, hinged on whether drug court will accept Delia until he can enter a treatment facility in February.

Delia looked gaunt and frail when he appeared Tuesday.

“He looks gray and close to death,” Young said. “He looks like he’s not going to survive the next three weeks.”

■ A Sacramento man seeking diversion admitted to possessing three bags of cocaine but denies he has a drug problem, despite saying he completed a treatment program several years ago.

Jamar Edward Daniels, 29, admitted to possessing cocaine at Xhale Bar and Lounge in Stateline in November. He is asking to attend drug court.

A warrant was out on Daniels for failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor traffic citation. When contacted by an officer at the bar, Daniels admitted he knew there was a warrant out for him.

After Daniels was arrested, he turned in three bags of cocaine and admitted to being addicted to the drug, according to court documents.

However, in court he denied having a problem and said “it was just a party thing.”

Prosecutor Ric Casper said Daniels has a lengthy history of arrests for drugs.

Daniels said he participated in a treatment program four years ago.

He also said he is the father of four children between the ages of three and eight.

Young instructed Daniels to imagine kneeling in front of his kids and telling them he’d have to go to prison.

“Mr. Daniels, I know you love your babies more than cocaine,” Young admonished. “Show them that.”

■ A former Kingsbury man denied burglarizing a property owned by his ex-wife after workers found him at the site in October.

John Dunham, 47, has a protective order against him. He last week denied illegally entering the property.

A trial for both charges is set for Feb. 13.

■ A Minden man who admitted to stealing guns and DVDs from his family and selling the items to pawn shops is still awaiting sentencing.

William Kirst, 34, faces up to 10 years in prison for grand larceny of a firearm after allegedly stealing firearms from his aunt and uncle, who he lived with.

Kirst was arrested in July and admitted to the theft, but attorney Maria Pence had asked previously for his sentencing to be postponed until it was determined which guns Kirst pawned belonged to him and which were stolen.

His sentencing is now set for Jan. 10.