Man who can’t give up drugs gives up freedom |

Man who can’t give up drugs gives up freedom

A man who admitted he violated his probation was ordered to prison on Monday.

Mark A. Redding, 58, was given credit for 65 days time served after he turned himself in on a warrant in Sacramento.

Redding admitted using methamphetamine and alcohol while he was on probation and leaving Nevada in what attorney Matthew Ence called a misunderstanding over priorities in the case.

Redding had warrants in California he was ordered to clear up, but apparently hadn’t communicated with Parole and Probation before he left the state.

He was also evicted from the weekly hotel he was staying because police were checking on him so often, Ence said.

Prosecutor Peter Handy asked District Judge Tom Gregory to revoke Redding’s probation.

“He’s not supervisable,” Handy said. “He continued his substance abuse while he was on probation and didn’t seek treatment.”

Gregory agreed, ordering Redding to serve his 12-34-month prison sentence.

Redding was arrested July 20, 2018, after deputies responded to a disturbance in the parking lot of a Gardnerville grocery store.

They reported seeing a glass pipe and a container of what turned out to be methamphetamine in the vehicle. Redding pleaded guilty on Aug. 6, 2018.

A Topaz Ranch Estates man is facing a felony after officials found videos on his phone of him using firearms in violation of his probation.

Ian Z. Biggs, 23, was convicted in California of possession of a controlled substance while armed in June 2015.

He moved to Nevada the following year. On Jan. 22, he tested positive for alcohol and a search of his phone turned up videos of Biggs shooting.

On Monday he admitted to one count of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

A Lake Tahoe man is scheduled to go to trial May 28 on a trafficking charge stemming from his arrest for having the drug MDMA mailed to Stateline Post Office.

Michael T. Culletto, 25, was arrested last fall after he allegedly had packages of the drug mailed from the Netherlands.

Another man picked up the packages, but Culletto was allegedly in the vehicle.

Culletto is being represented by Kris Brown, his fourth attorney in five months.

A motions hearing was scheduled for April 25.

Update: Christian C. Thoma, 25, was granted diversion on a possession charge on June 10, 2019.

His attorney said that Thoma was an addict. Under the diversion program he will attend Western Regional Drug Court. If successful the felony charge would be dismissed.

Thoma said he is working a full-time job and obtained his high school equivalency while in custody in El Dorado County.

A South Lake Tahoe man admitted a count of possession of methamphetamine on Monday.

Christian C. Thoma, 25, appeared in Douglas County District Court.

Thoma faces 12-48 months in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

Attorney Maria Pence said Thoma would be seeking diversion. Judge Tom Gregory set a hearing to make that decision for April 29.

Thoma has been in custody for around a year, which prosecutor Erik Levin resulted in an enforced sobriety.

Thoma was released on his own recognizance pending the diversion hearing.

In Nevada most possession cases require the judge to sentence offenders to probation.