Man up for parole in 2001 Kingsbury shooting |

Man up for parole in 2001 Kingsbury shooting

A former Kingsbury resident, who shot another man at least seven times in 2001, could be released on parole in May.

Donald Lawson, 51, was paroled on a charge of attempted murder with a use of a deadly weapon enhancement in 2018.

He remains incarcerated on a 4-10 year mayhem sentence that started two years ago.

According to court documents, Lawson was involved in a road rage incident with the victim a week before the Feb. 6, 2001, shooting.

Early that morning a drunken Lawson was caught slashing the victim’s tires.

Lawson drew a pistol and shot the victim at least seven times in the chest and legs.

His sentence is scheduled to expire in May 2022.

■ A former Topaz Lake man who beat his wife into unconsciousness in 2013 was paroled in February on one of the felony charges.

David Leroy Cantrell, 73, remains incarcerated on a charge of domestic battery by strangulation.

Cantrell was sentenced to an aggregate of 6-15 years in prison in April 2015. He’d been in custody for 16 months when he was sentenced to prison.

Cantrell’s wife said he beat her on two occasions, once around Christmas 2012 and again in February 2013.

She said he choked her into unconsciousness and when she woke up, said he thought he’d killed her.

■ A man who was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison for trafficking in methamphetamine is eligible for probation in May.

Jamal Eslami, 38, rammed an unmarked Douglas County patrol car during a May 21, 2009, drug sting.

Eslami had sold 130 grams of methamphetamine on three occasions and realized the fourth buy was a set-up.

He was arrested in South Lake Tahoe two days later for possession of a controlled substance and sentenced to two years in prison.

■ A habitual criminal serving a 60-150-month prison sentence in connection with a Kingsbury burglary is scheduled for parole.

Donald Michael Savage, 51, was arrested in Douglas County in January 2014 in connection with the burglary. He was picked up four months later in Las Vegas and was serving a 19-48-month prison sentence for possession of documents to establish a false identity. He was serving a Washoe County sentence for burglary and possession of stolen property.

■ A man who is serving consecutive sentences for battering a deputy while in custody and theft of a firearm is up for parole in May.

Michael Luis Cota, 21, received 16-72 months on the theft of a firearm from a Kingslane home in 2018. He still has to serve a 2-6-year sentence on the battery.

■ A woman serving up to five years in prison for drunk driving had her parole denied in February.

Leslie Diane Meier, 49, was sentenced to 18-60 months after she showed up at Western Nevada Regional DUI Court drunk.

She’d admitted the DUI in November 2018 and was permitted to participate in the diversion program. Had she been successful the felony would have been reduced to a misdemeanor. However, she had a preliminary breath test that was nearly twice the legal limit two weeks after her sentencing. Security footage revealed she’d driven herself to court.