Man tested positive for drug use on the day of guilty plea |

Man tested positive for drug use on the day of guilty plea

by Rachel Spacek
Mark Gower, 28.

A Carson City man admitted to violating terms of his alternative sentence after he tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana on the day of his guilty plea.

Mark C. Gower, 28, was originally arrested on suspicion of child abuse, endangerment and neglect and entered a guilty plea on Sept. 18. During his court hearing, Gower was asked by District Court Judge Thomas Gregory if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Gower said no. Later that day he tested positive for the drugs.

Both Gregory and Gower’s attorney, Derrick Lopez, said they had no reason to suspect Gower was impaired during his court appearance, however they both agreed to a re-arraignment for Gower next week.

Gower was arrested in August after deputies responded to the Ironwood Urgent Care for a 17-month-old child with hand prints on her behind. Deputies contacted the child’s grandmother who had taken her to the facility after taking her from Gower’s residence. According to reports, the victim’s grandmother said she heard slapping noises in the other room where Gower was with the victim. She then heard Gower yell, “that will teach you to take your diaper off.”

Gower was later arrested near the 3500 block of Haystack Drive. Gower’s bail is set at $5,000 and he will await his arraignment next week.