Man steals, pawns uncle’s guns |

Man steals, pawns uncle’s guns

by Amy Alonzo

A man who stole items from his family and pawned them is headed to prison.

William C. Kirst, 34, was arrested in July of 2016 after 500 DVDs, firearms and several other items were reported missing by his uncle. Kirst lived with his uncle in Minden.

Kirst had previously entered a guilty plea, but his sentencing was delayed while the prosecution and defense attempted to reach an agreement on the amount of restitution owed.

The uncle had estimated the damage at between $10,000 and $12,000.

Defense attorney Maria Pence said she was not sure how the victim came up with that number.

Based on prices at area pawn shops, Pence estimated the value of the DVDs to be $5 each, totaling $2,500. She estimated a Remington 700 — the only gun the victim could provide a serial number for, she said — to be valued at $400 and another gun to be worth $350. Adding in other items, including a coin collection, a generator and items taken from two other victims, Pence estimated the total restitution owed to be $5,339.68.

Kirst’s uncle, the main victim in the crime, has not responded to any of Pence’s phone calls to confirm the value of the missing items, she said.

“I would love the opportunity to show the court that I have learned my lesson,” Kirst told Judge Tod Young.

Prosecutor Eric Levin said Kirst didn’t deserve that chance.

Kirst was sentenced to diversion in 2005, violated his probation four times between 2006 and 2007, had a DUI in 2010 and in 2016 was also arrested on a drug offense, Levin said. He estimated the amount of restitution owed to be $4,959.70.

Kirst began using opiates in 2015 after he injured his back, Pence said. From 2008-2015 he was sober, she said.

Kirst was found guilty of grand larceny of a firearm, a category B felony. He was ordered to pay $4,959.70 in restitution and sentenced to 36 months in prison with credit for 149 days.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos woman is on probation after stealing narcotics from her employer.

Ashley E. Trumpower, 29, was arrested in July for stealing more than 2,000 pills —including tramadol, oxycodone and hydrocodone —from the Gardnerville Walgreens where she worked.

Defense attorney Derrick Lopez said Trumpower suffers from back pain and only took what she needed to cover personal prescriptions she hadn’t filled.

However, in a written statement she had made previously, Trumpower wrote “I wasn’t counting or anything but it was a couple times a week and some just poured out.”

She is on probation for 30 months.

■ A California man who allegedly defrauded multiple businesses will be sentenced in March.

Steve H. Pomi, 50, of Placerville, allegedly wrote checks to businesses, including ASJ Small Engines in Gardnerville, from an account he knew was closed. Pomi allegedly bought two chainsaws in February valued at a total of $650 from ASJ Small Engines, then pawned them in Auburn. He was arrested in July.

According to court documents, he may have defrauded businesses out of as much as $170,000.

■ A South Lake Tahoe man who cashed a fraudulent check will be allowed to continue treatment at a sober living house.

Justin M. Eisler, 35, of South Lake Tahoe, was arrested in October after he cashed a fraudulent check for $1,263.97 at Lakeside Inn in Stateline. At the time Eisler was arrested he also had heroin and paraphernalia on him.

Eisler will continue inpatient treatment in California and will return July 8 for a review hearing.