Man sentenced for leaving elderly mother in car overnight |

Man sentenced for leaving elderly mother in car overnight

by Aurora Sain

A Pleasantview resident was sentenced on Tuesday for leaving his elderly mother in the car for more than 24 hours.

Lloyd Ghiglieri, 62, brought his 94 year-old mother home from the hospital on April 29, and left her in the car. Neighbors called deputies 25 hours later when they noticed a naked woman in the car.

“This is simple negligence, but some of this comes down to credibility,” said District Attorney Mark Jackson referencing Ghiglieri’s prior arrest history.

According to Ghiglieri, he had argued with his mother on the ride home. He received a phone call, had dinner and then went to bed. He didn’t wake up until the police came to his door.

The temperatures fell into the 30s the night his mother was left in the car, and they found that her robe had slipped off; she was dehydrated and sitting on a urine-soaked seat, said Jackson.

Ghiglieri moved in with his parents in 2008 in order to take care of them.

“This son is the son that was always there,” said defense attorney Maria Pence. She also noted that his parents’ doctors said he helped take care of all their daily living activities.

His father was taken into a care home a year prior, and passed away while Ghiglieri was incarcerated.

Ghiglieri also has various medical issues including hip and back problems. At the time of the arrest, he was prescribed three different pain medicines and an anti-depressant, which he says contributed to his forgetfulness, and the fact he slept so long and left his mother. He had also stayed up for a significant amount of time the night before tending to his mother’s injuries, and visiting her at the hospital, Pence said.

A local doctor checked Ghiglieri’s medical history a few months after his arrest and concluded that the types of medication he was on, and the dosage could cause absentmindedness and forgetfulness.

Pence gave an emotional plea for Ghiglieri, stating that his mother needs him because he is the only one who ever cared for her.

“He would like to know how his mother is doing,” she said. “Hopefully, he can become the caregiver that he has been.”

Ghiglieri was given 210 days in jail with 169 days he’s already served since his April 30 arrest.

He was also ordered to pay over $2,000 in fines due within two weeks of his release from jail.