Man rescued from capsized kayak on Lake Tahoe |

Man rescued from capsized kayak on Lake Tahoe

by Bill Rozak

A man yelling for help Wednesday was rescued from a capsized kayak in Lake Tahoe.

Emergency officials responded to Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe where it was reported that a man was screaming for help several hundred yards off the shore.

Witnesses walking along the beach heard the cries for help and saw a man in the water about 500 yards out, where the light blue water meets dark blue.

Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District sent out its rescue boat and it arrived shortly after the paddling rescuers reached the man.

South Lake Tahoe police personnel were at the beach in moments and three police officers borrowed a canoe from a witness and paddled out to the man.

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue also responded a few minutes later and a firefighter on a paddle board followed.

Rescuers encountered rough, choppy waters which made reaching the man more difficult and likely was the reason the man’s kayak capsized.

Upon reaching the man, it was discovered he was not wearing a personal flotation device, or life jacket.

The man, who appeared to be about 35-40 years old, was loaded onto the boat where he complained of unbearable coldness. The man was reportedly in the water for about an hour.

He was taken to Timber Cove Marina where he exited the rescue boat. He looked in pain and was shivering as he was loaded into an ambulance headed for Barton Memorial Hospital.

“The moral of the story is wear a PFD and watch the weather,” said Interim Police Chief Shannon Laney. “It was windy and choppy.”