Indian Hills man remains in jail while case sorted out |

Indian Hills man remains in jail while case sorted out

An Indian Hills man who pointed a loaded handgun at his wife during an argument is back in Douglas custody after he was arrested on a probation violation.

Marc Crossley, 41, was ordered to participate in Veterans Court in Reno and his sentencing was delayed.

However, he was transferred to drug court in Douglas for supervision.

Attorney Maria Pence asked that a disposition hearing on the violations be set instead of a sentencing, because she said some are true and others aren’t.

She said Crossley wasn’t subject to drug court conditions.

District Judge Tom Gregory said he didn’t have enough information about Crossley’s participation with the veterans court. He ordered the case continued until Dec. 12 and Crossley held without bail.

■ A diversion hearing for a man who cashed $3,444 in bad checks was delayed while he seeks a professional confirmation he is a problem gambler.

Cody Dwayne Brian Dalhaus, 28, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday with his attorney.

The Topaz Ranch Estates man was arrested on a June 16 warrant after he was accused of cashing 15 checks belonging to his former employer.

Attorney Maria Pence said he still owes $2,500 to casinos where he’d cashed the checks.

A Jan. 9 hearing was set. Should Dalhaus be granted diversion, he would be able to withdraw his guilty plea after undergoing a treatment program.

■ A California man who failed to appear for his August sentencing received mandatory probation at his sentencing on Monday.

Leschon Stuart Scott, 27, said he didn’t have transportation to Minden in August.

He told District Judge Tom Gregory that he was in a vehicle that was pulled over earlier this month and told the officer he’d missed court. He was brought back to Douglas Count on Nov. 11.

He was sentenced to a suspended 12-36 month prison term.

Scott was arrested in May with 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, prosecutors said.

■ A man who was arrested by deputies after he tried to inject himself with heroin at a Minden fast food restaurant admitted to being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Charles Austin, 36, was arrested Aug. 1 at the Sonic after he was reported behaving oddly in the drive-through.

On Monday he pleaded guilty in exchange for prosecutors not opposing probation or diversion.

Sentencing was set for Feb. 6, 2017.

■ A man who owes $55,000 in back child support agreed to a deal that will allow him to avoid prison if he makes $500 a month payments over the next five years.

John P. Garrett, 44, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday where he admitted to a charge of failure to maintain a minor child.

Should Garrett fail to make the payments as agreed, he faces 1-5 years in prison and will have to make up the difference after he is released.