Man receives prison in drug charge |

Man receives prison in drug charge

A 39-year-old Carson City man, with a long record of failures on probation, was sentenced Monday to 1-3 years in prison on a charge of attempted trafficking in methamphetamine.

Steven Michael Lehrbaum sought probation on condition of completing Western Nevada Regional Drug Court.

Lehrbaum was arrested in July after he was identified as the person who rolled a cart full of camping equipment out of a Walmart.

His vehicle was found in a parking lot, and when he returned to it, he was seeing stashing a hide-a-key containing heroin before he was taken into custody.

Deputies found 6 grams of methamphetamine in baggies, according to Prosecutor Matt Johnson, and other baggies that had been unused Johnson said were to divvy up drugs for sale.

Johnson pointed out that while Lehrbaum was out of custody he fled from Carson City authorities who had to chase him down.

Lehrbaum’s attorney said that at the time he had a 1-3-gram habit, which meant while the amount of methamphetamine was higher than the trafficking amount, it was really for personal use.

Kris Brown sought a suspended sentence with drug court as a requirement.

Lehrbaum said he didn’t think his family would continue to support him through another offense.

Lehrbaum has a record going back several years and was sentenced to prison for a felony driving under the influence in 2015.

District Judge Tom Gregory told Lehrbaum that while he stayed out of trouble for the past three months since his last release from jail, his record indicated he was not a good candidate for probation.

■ A jury trial for a Lake Tahoe man on the lam with a warrant out of Washoe County was postponed on Tuesday.

Charles Vincentamante Villa, 38, was scheduled to go to trial May 6, but attorney John Malone said he hasn’t been able to contact Villa to prepare for the trial.

District Judge Tod Young said he would vacate the trial because he wasn’t inclined to bring 100 county residents into the courthouse where they might not be able to avoid the coronavirus.

Villa hasn’t been in custody since his trial date was set last summer. He was under supervision by the Department of Parole and Probation in connection with a Washoe County conviction for credit card fraud.

He is facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and heroin in November 2017 after deputies spotted a red 1991 Jeep that had been reported stolen the day before. He was reportedly found in possession of black tar heroin while being taken into custody.

He previously failed to appear in district court in October 2018.

■ A Lake Tahoe man received probation Monday on the condition he participate in Western Nevada Regional Drug Court.

Carlos J. Gil Reyes, 55, admitted to selling cocaine at a Stateline casino two years ago.

He received a suspended 14-36-month sentence.

■ A jury trial was scheduled for May 12-15 in the case of a Topaz Ranch Estates woman, who is denying theft and drug charges.

Nicole Marie Nigra, 47, was arrested in October in connection with an Aug. 10 vehicle burglary.

Nigra invoked her right to a speedy trial on Monday. She was released on her own recognizance.