Man in home invasion receives room in prison |

Man in home invasion receives room in prison

by Aurora Sain

A man with a lengthy criminal history was sent to prison for a felony charge of home invasion.

Jerry Hipley, 25, was originally arrested in August 2014 after forcing his way into an acquaintance’s home in an attempt to get his dog and girlfriend out of the house.

When the case originally started, the court was waiting for a case out of El Dorado County to be finished, in which he received a felony and was ordered into anger management classes.

This marks Hipley’s third felony, and he also has nine misdemeanors.

“What I see here in Mr. Hipley’s criminal history is escalation,” said Judge Tom Gregory.

His previous charges vary from contributing to the delinquency of a minor, corporal injury on spouse and battery.

“I just want to say I’m sorry for what I did,” said Hipley. “I wish I could take it back.”

Hipley’s attorney Maria Pence argued that his actions stem from his alcohol problem, and suggested drug court and probation as a form of punishment.

“On every occasion that he has ever been arrested he was intoxicated,” said Pence.

Judge Gregory found that Hipley was not eligible to participate in drug court and sentenced him to 72 months in prison with a minimum parole eligibility of 16 months.

“You put people and their lives at risk,” said Gregory.

Hipley was ordered to pay $178 in fines and he has credit for 41 days of time served.

■ Richard Ferrer, 37, was given a gross misdemeanor for attempted theft after his May 2015 arrest.

Ferrer was working at Harrah’s Casino in Stateline when he saw a customer drop a bundle of $100 bills amounting to $10,000.

He then swept up the bills, but the incident was caught on tape and he was confronted by security.

Ferrer has been in the country for less than five years, and if he was sentenced to a felony he could have been deported.

He was ordered to pay over $2,000 by July 11.

■ Roger Dale Abraham Noble, 29, was in court for failure to appear and failure to pay restitution.

The restitution is for a 2011 burglary, and he failed to appear twice in 2013.

He still owes $915, which he will pay for $50 a month until it is paid off.

He will serve 25 days in jail for the contempt charge.