Man granted suspended sentence on domestic battery charges |

Man granted suspended sentence on domestic battery charges

by Rachel Spacek

A Gardnerville man was granted a suspended sentence after battering his elderly parents in June.

Matthew C. Reeves, 58, has been under extreme supervision and no-contact rules since he was arrested on June 3, following an altercation at Holbrook Station Mobile Home and RV Park. According to arrest reports, Reeves was being evicted from his home. His parents, who are in their 80s, were helping him move out when he attacked them.

According to reports, Reeves pushed his father out of the home and kicked his mother with a steel-toe boot in the head. Reeves’ mother received a concussion and his father received a laceration to his arm. Both needed surgery for their injuries.

Reeves was sentenced to 364 days in jail for both counts of battery and will serve a suspended sentence for three years.

A South Lake Tahoe man was granted diversion after admitting to embezzlement that occurred because he was under the influence of a controlled substance.

Jorge Remigio-Madrigal, 23, was arrested in June.

Remigio-Madrigal, a former Harrah’s Hotel and Casino employee, was detained by Harrah’s security for making fraudulent refunds to customers and keeping the money. Officers made contact with the man, who previously admitted to taking $1,000 from the front desk. He took an additional $165 on his shift that evening.

After being transported to jail, officers found he had cocaine and paraphernalia in his possession.

Judge Thomas Gregory granted Remigio-Madrigal a diversion program, but stressed the importance of paying restitution and made paying the restitution in full a condition of his diversion.

A Carson City man admitted to a theft charge and is facing a maximum of five years in prison.

Colt A. Haglar, 18, was arrested in May on two theft charges after he stole $40 in cash and multiple credit cards from the 1000 block of Mica Drive.

The reporting party said Haglar was at their home looking at a motorcycle when he asked to use the rest room and went into the home unsupervised.

A few days later the victim noticed she was missing $40 in cash and three credit cards. The victim deduced that the suspect was Haglar, since he was the only person who entered their home in the last few days.

The victim called and canceled the credit cards and found Haglar had spent $649 at Best Buy and a local coffee shop. He had spent another $1,092 on another card.

Deputies contacted Haglar’s mother who said she kicked him out after finding additional credit cards while going through his toolbox. Haglar was later arrested on a warrant. He will be sentenced on Feb. 5.

An El Cerrito, Calif. man admitted he failed to pay child support in the amount of $40,804.

Michael C. Breitenbucher, 46, was granted a deferred sentence. He is required to pay the $40,804 in five years and will be heard for sentencing on Dec. 5, 2022. He is facing up to five years in prison if he does not pay.