Man granted drug court after positive meth test |

Man granted drug court after positive meth test

by Rachel Spacek

A Reno man was given drug court in Judge Tod Young’s court on Tuesday after he admitted to possessing a controlled substance on New Year’s Day.

Tyler C. Ruiz, 28, was arrested Jan. 1 after deputies conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle after he made an improper turn. Ruiz told deputies he uses marijuana recreationally and admitted to smoking methamphetamine two days prior.

In his vehicle, deputies located a backpack with empty marijuana containers and a bag with a crystal substance. Ruiz denied the substance was methamphetamine, but a test came back positive for methamphetamine.

In court, Ruiz tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine, he told Judge Young he had used methamphetamine four days ago.

“I know I have a drug problem,” Ruiz admitted.

Young told Ruiz to turn his life around and granted him drug court. Ruiz will be under supervision from parole and probation and was ordered to attend a daily sobriety assistance program.

A Henderson man admitted to possessing a stolen vehicle in South Lake Tahoe.

Forrest G. Evans, 25, was originally arrested on a fugitive warrant, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license charges.

On Dec. 23 deputies were dispatched to Dotty’s Casino in reference to a stolen vehicle. While at Dotty’s, deputies heard from South Lake Tahoe Police that they were on the trail of the vehicle. On scene, deputies located a spoon with heroin residue and Evans told them he had a packet of heroin on his person. Evans also had a revoked and suspended license out of Arizona and a felony warrant out of El Dorado County.

He will be sentenced on Feb. 27.

A Lower Lake, Calif. man admitted to a number of alternative sentencing violations in court on Tuesday, including traveling out of state, possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia.

Jarrett R. Liedlich, 30, was arrested on suspicion of possession of paraphernalia, possession of a drug which may no be introduced into interstate commerce, two charges of possession of a controlled substance and an alternative sentencing violation.

Liedlich was arrested in May when deputies were dispatched to CVS in reference to a subject trying to use a fraudulent credit card. Deputies located Liedlich and found he was on supervision by Douglas County Alternative Sentencing and had a felony warrant out of Sonoma County Calif.

Liedlich was placed in handcuffs. On scene, deputies found two bags with heroin residue and a pipe with methamphetamine residue. The bags and substances weighed 0.96 grams.

“I made a poor choice to relapse,” Liedlich said.

Young reinstated Liedlich’s probation, but warned him not to continue using drugs.

“Last year there were 63,000 opioid related deaths in the United States. People who try to satisfy opioid addiction with fentanyl are a good portion of those deaths,” Young said. “If you continue, you are going to die and you are just going to be a number that some judge talks about.”

Liedlich was ordered to try to get into the drug court program in California, however if he was unable he was ordered to attend the Western Nevada drug court program.