Man gets prison in jail beat-down |

Man gets prison in jail beat-down

A man with a long history of criminal activity received up to four years in prison for his involvement in beating another inmate.

Michael Ian Hutchinson, 26, admitted to a count of battery of a prisoner in custody.

Prosecutor A.J. Hames said Hutchinson helped lure Myka Stickley into a jail cell beyond the view of jail cameras and beat him to the point where he required medical treatment.

Fellow inmate Daniel Redding, 47, is scheduled to be sentenced in the May 2 beating next week.

Stickley was in custody in connection with a gross misdemeanor theft charge. He failed to appear in district court last week for sentencing and a no-bail warrant was issued for his arrest.

Hutchinson has been in custody since March 31. He was in custody serving a 60-day jail sentence for pushing a deputy at Lake Tahoe in 2017. That sentence came about three days after Stickley’s beating. Hames said that if he’d been aware of the new charges he wouldn’t have recommended the 60-day sentence.

Hutchinson went to prison for felony larceny four months after the struggle with the deputy, and said when he got out in 2019 he wasn’t informed of the Douglas charges.

■ A man admitted a burglary charge in connection with his possession of several credit cards in other people’s names.

Richard Alan Jager, 28, is serving consecutive prison sentences for grand larceny of a motor vehicle and burglary.

He allegedly used the credit cards at the Topsy Walmart on May 2, 2019.

Under an agreement, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of 1-3 years concurrent with sentences when he returns to court on Aug. 24.

■ A warrant was issued for the arrest of a man who still owes most of the fines and fee associated with his felony DUI conviction.

Jason Danny Thomas, 43, served out his 2-6-year prison sentence and was released in 2018.

He stopped paying $100 a month toward his fees in July 2019.

The warrant was issued for $2,176.22, representing the amount Thomas still owes.

■ A California man faces up to four years in prison in connection with several credit card thefts.

Jimmy Encarnacion Guevarra, 46, entered a guilty plea on Monday to possession of a credit card without the owner’s permission.

Guevarra admitted on Monday he had around a dozen credit cards in other people’s names.

He had to be extradited from California where he was serving a prison term for identity theft and taking a motor vehicle.

Guevarra was arrested July 24, 2019, after a late-night traffic stop on Highway 88 near the Nevada state line for driving under the influence and failure to maintain his lane.

He is scheduled to appear back in Douglas County District Court on Sept. 28.

■ A 32-year-old Indian Hills man faces 1-6 years in prison after admitting to battery by a probationer in connection with a May 1 attack on a woman.

Robert Michael Baker, 32, also faces sentencing for domestic battery. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed not to oppose probation at his sentencing.

Baker was on a suspended sentence out of Reno when he grabbed the woman by the throat in front of her children and head butted her.

■ A Carson Valley man who said he moved here to make a better life for himself faces up to eight years in prison in connection with three cocaine sales should he fail his probation.

Kyle Dakota Terrell admitted to selling 2.1 ounces of the drug on May 20, May 21 and May 22, 2019, for $2,650.

He admitted to two counts of sale of a controlled substance and received suspended 1-4-year sentences.

■ A California man who admitted stealing an iPhone received a suspended 14-40-month prison sentence on Tuesday.

Jason Dennis Lusk, 26, admitted to a charge of theft. Prosecutor A.J. Hames said that Lusk was seen casing vehicles before he took the iPhone.

“He was on probation at the time and needs some additional motivation,” Hames said.

Lusk was arrested Sept. 9, 2019, at Nevada Beach after deputies responded to a report that he was checking vehicle doors to see if they were locked.

■ A man facing felony charges in connection with a May 2019 shootout in Indian Hills is seeking to have his case remanded back to East Fork Justice Court.

Dallas Tanner Nicholson, 28, faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the case.

Attorney William Routsis argued that Nicholson should be allowed to return to justice court for a preliminary hearing.

Routsis said Nicholson signed a waiver of the hearing because he believed there was a plea offer that never came to fruition.

Prosecutor Erik Levin countered that Nicholson signed the unconditional waiver on June 23 while he had counsel present. He said failure to go through with a guilty plea agreement is not good cause to remand back to justice court.

District Judge Tod Young told both attorneys to file motions and responses before he would make a decision.

According to court documents, investigators counted 23 bullets expended in the gun battle that occurred in a cul de sac a short time before midnight.

Prosecutors assert that Nicholson drew a weapon in a threatening manner, prompting another man to draw and fire on Nicholson, who returned fire.

■ A man who led deputies on a chase through Carson Valley will appear in East Fork Justice Court to proceed with his case after he was deemed competent to aid in his defense.

Fabian Eloy Campos, 39, said he was related to a Mexican official. During the May 2 high-speed pursuit, Campos allegedly displayed a fake FBI identity out the top of the sunroof of a red Audi.

Campos allegedly used the badge to commandeer the vehicle in Los Angeles and was involved in a pursuit there, as well.

Campos confirmed in court that he is a U.S citizen.