Man gets prison for felony DUI |

Man gets prison for felony DUI

A Topaz Ranch Estates man was sentenced to 2-6 years in prison on Monday after it was determined he had committed a subsequent felony DUI.

Jason D. Thomas, 41, was arrested for driving under the influence on May 11 with a .191 blood alcohol content.

Attorney Maria Pence said he’d had drinks with friends and thought he was OK to drive. She said he knew that night that he was going to prison.

Because it was Thomas’ second felony DUI, he faced a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Pence said that on being released from jail, Thomas checked into a treatment program in Elko, and when he was released from that got weekly counseling.

“It was his choice to go to the bar, and his choice to get in his car,” Pence said.

She asked that Thomas be given a week to report for jail, but District Judge Tom Gregory ordered Thomas to be taken into custody.

A woman who’d attempted to avoid prison by participating in the DUI diversion court was sentenced to 1-3 years in prison.

Sally Seagren, 53, was arrested Feb. 23, 2015, after she was seen passing on a double yellow line.

Her sentence was suspended in April 2015 so she could participate in the DUI court program, which allows offenders to avoid a third felony.

Under Nevada law, a third instance of driving under the influence in seven years is considered a felony.

Seagren said she didn’t realize that smoking marijuana the day before would result in her being arrested for a DUI.