Man gets prison for breaking woman’s jaw |

Man gets prison for breaking woman’s jaw

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A man who broke a woman’s jaw while she was putting chains on their car a week after she’d given birth to his child, received the maximum sentence of six years in prison on Monday.

Samuel Terrazas, 40, was arrested Jan. 15 in Indian Hills while trying to hitchhike away from the scene of the incident.

According to court documents, Terrazas’ victim said they got into an argument over his drinking while she was installing the chains at Clear Creek Plaza when Terrazas punched her in the face.

A witness reported the incident. Deputies said the victim was bleeding and her jaw was dislocated.

Terrazas has a long history of criminal activity, prosecutor A.J. Hames said.

He was on probation for domestic battery in East Fork Justice Court when the assault occurred. In addition to the newborn, two other children were in the vehicle when the assault occurred.

Terrazas’ victim took the stand to ask District Judge Tom Gregory to be lenient and grant probation.

“He hurt me, but I forgive him,” she said. “I want him home with my children.”

Defense attorney Matthew Ence argued that the incident stemmed directly from Terrazas’ drinking.

Gregory said he considered the victim’s request, but that Terrazas committed the incident in front of three children and the damage done warranted the maximum sentence.

“She has found a way to forgive you somehow,” Gregory said in sentencing Terrazas to 28-72 months in prison.