Man found guilty in 2016 road rage |

Man found guilty in 2016 road rage

A Stateline man was convicted Friday evening of pointing a pistol at another motorist while under the influence during a 2016 road rage incident.

The jury deliberated for just under an hour in the case of Jared Kaiser, 33, before rendering a guilty verdict in the four-day case.

Kaiser was taken into custody and is being held without bail until his June 25 sentencing hearing where he faces prison on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The jury was selected on Tuesday and heard testimony through the week, with prosecutor Ric Casper and attorney Derrick Lopez making their closing arguments on Friday afternoon.

Casper told jurors Kaiser contradicted himself several times both on a 911 call, and with Sgt. Ron Michitarian. Casper argued that indicated Kaiser fabricated the claim he feared for his life.

First, after Kaiser called 911 dispatch, he told them “the vehicle behind me is driving erratically and cut me off.”

Dispatch asked, “it cut you off, but it’s behind you now?”

Kaiser’s response: “I’m a former police officer.”

Casper argued this was a means of justifying his actions as well as his inconsistencies.

“He knows what he’s done is not OK, but he’s trying to excuse it by claiming he’s an officer,” Casper told the jury.

Kaiser was terminated from training in 2008 and never sworn in as a peace officer.

Kaiser told Michitarian his window was up after the cars collided near Mottsville drive, and that he never spoke to the people in the other vehicle.

However, he can be heard on the 911 recording telling the victim, “I’m a cop.”

First he told 911 that the other vehicle had left the scene first, and was a hit and run, but afterwards he told Michitarian h needed to free himself from their vehicle in order to drive away.

He also claimed he pulled out his weapon because the passenger of the other car left the vehicle and was screaming, waving his arms, and coming towards him.

However, the passenger of the other vehicle was on the phone with 911 dispatchers at this time.

Dispatchers asked Kaiser if he had drawn a weapon, which he confirmed.

“Put your gun away right now,” dispatch told him, “that is not OK.”

“I’m an off-duty police officer, I was hit by a vehicle, that’s an assault with a deadly weapon, ma’am,” Kaiser told her.

He never claimed the passenger of the other vehicle exited until his interview with Michitarian later.

After that, Kaiser was less willing to cooperate, telling dispatch he didn’t know where he was or what his (personally customized) plate was.

“He’s not being cooperative now because he doesn’t want to be found,” Casper told the jury. “While the victims were rushing towards police and flagging them down, Kaiser was evading police.”

Lopez argued that Kaiser felt in fear of his life due to the victim’s reckless driving, which is why he pulled out his weapon during the encounter.