Man finds himself in trouble again |

Man finds himself in trouble again

by Aurora Sain

An admitted car thief was in court on Tuesday for a probation violation.

Dalton Forbes, 20, was doing well the last time he was in court, with Judge Tod Young congratulating his success, which was short-lived.

Forbes was originally arrested for grand larceny in 2014.

He had a case pending in East Fork Justice Court and a court date in Sparks in February for petty larceny.

“Mr. Forbes, you keep asking me to put you in prison,” said Young.

The probation violation hearing was continued until Feb. 23 to give Forbes a chance to deal with his other cases.

“I don’t have any confidence in Mr. Forbes’ ability to stay out of trouble,” said attorney Brian Filter.

Young left the decision up to Justice Court as to whether or not to release him.

■ Daniel Mark Redding, 23, was released on his own recognizance on Tuesday in an attempt for him to prove that he deserved probation.

Redding was arrested on Dec. 23, 2015, for theft from the Jacks Valley Target.

The Douglas High School grad left Target with two suitcases filled with items that he had stolen.

He is facing 60 months in prison with a minimum parole eligibility of 12 to 24 months and a $10,000 fine.

“Try to make this work for you sir,” said Young.

■ Ron Hallam, 45, was in court to discuss his charges of battery by a probationer.

In November Hallam got drunk and was being overly affectionate to his friends’ 12-year-old daughter and made her uncomfortable. When a family friend tried to step in, he ended up battering her.

Since Hallam was already on probation, the offense was elevated to a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Hallam said he has had an alcohol problem for years, and has a lengthy criminal history with a lot of violent acts.

“I’m struggling with this alcoholism, it’s just destroying my life,” said Hallam.

In addition to alcoholism, Hallam found out he is bi-polar, and was having manic episodes.

“I don’t want to be released until I find a medication that works for me,” he said.

He also has a case pending out of Winnemucca, and will have credit for 83 days time served for that case.

He was sentenced to 12 to 32 months in prison.

■ Clifford Ross Beattie, 59, was granted probation on Tuesday for his August 2015 Ranchos Aspen Park disturbance.

Beattie was originally arrested for public intoxication and being under the influence of methamphetamines.

He was originally released, but showed up to court in September high on meth and was taken into custody again.

“I don’t think prison would be the place for me,” said Beattie.

He argued to the court that he was a good person and not like all of the other alcoholics and drug users because he does things like donating clothes to the homeless.

“Your record is absolutely abysmal,” said Young.

He was sentenced to probation not exceeding 3 years and a 12 to 48 month suspended prison term.

He was also required to pay over $3,000 in fees and fines.

“If I wasn’t required to put you on probation, I would put you in prison,” said Young.

■ Christopher P. Mclaughlin, 26, was in court for failing to comply with the terms of his probation.

He was originally arrested in November 2014 for sales of methamphetamines.

He also racked up a new offense for petty theft, and he is not current on his restitution.

He was sentenced to 12 to 48 months in prison on count one and 12 to 48 months in prison for count two, and they will run concurrently.

He has credit for 209 days time served.