Man faces up to 25 years after admitting larceny, drug felonies |

Man faces up to 25 years after admitting larceny, drug felonies

The third person admitted involvement in a burglary ring that raided a handful of homes around the fringes of Carson Valley.

Gardnerville resident David Edward Price, 51, faces up to 25 years in prison after he admitted to felony principal to grand larceny of a motor vehicle and drug trafficking on Tuesday.

Price admitted his involvement in the looting of a Juniper Valley home between Aug. 1 and Sept. 27, 2019, and that he sold methamphetamine Dec. 3, 2019.

The theft involved two pickups, which were among several items stolen from the home by Price, Bridget Blair and Mika Stickley.

In exchange for Price’s guilty plea in the larceny, both the prosecution and defense will recommend 2-5 years in prison on the theft. The maximum sentence on the charge is 10 years and a $10,000 fine.

Price faces 2-15 years and a potential $100,000 fine at his Oct. 6 sentencing in the trafficking case. Prosecutors agreed not to seek a higher trafficking charge that could carry up to life in prison. Both sides are free to argue for any legal sentence.

Price is not eligible for probation in the trafficking case unless he meets certain criteria.

He is being held without bail while awaiting sentencing.

Price fled to California when he was last free, and was the subject of a $75,000 warrant after he failed to appear in court. He was on parole for drug possession when he committed the offenses.

Stickley is being sought on a nationwide, no-bail warrant after he failed to appear for sentencing July 28 on a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit burglary. Stickley was the victim in a May 2 jail cell beating that resulted in three men being sent to prison.

The organizer of the thefts, Bridget Denial Blair, 41, is serving a 4-10 year prison sentence at the Florence McClure Womens Correctional Center in North Las Vegas.

Blair admitted to five separate felony counts in connection with the burglaries and was ordered to pay $19,500 in restitution.

Blair entered homes between April and August in the Foothill region, besides the Juniper Valley burglary, which was the biggest haul.

Prosecutor Matt Johnson said Blair entered one home on April 4, 2019, while the residents were asleep.

He said the 86-year-old victim found his cell phone missing when he awoke that morning.

On April 25, an Ellis Lane resident returned home and found someone had taken his safe, among other things.

Blair had previously lived in the home, and knew her way around. She testified that she and a man drove the safe to Mud Lake where they opened it and split the cash inside.

On July 2, 2019, Johnson said Blair entered a Foothill Road home and removed a sofa, mattress, box springs, a bedframe and headboard, along with a list of gate codes.

Johnson said she entered the home through a dog door with Price’s help.

The Juniper Valley burglary occurred on Aug. 18, 2019, when Blair said she took a Toyota pickup, a white Chevrolet Colorado, a generator and compressor.

A month later, Blair’s ex-husband was pulled over in one of the pickups he said she’d given him.

In January, Johnson said that Blair burglarized another home, netting two personal watercraft, a mini-bike and a pink AR rifle.

During a search of her home, investigators found other people’s bank account and vehicle title information.

Charges have been dismissed against a fourth man, who allegedly helped Blair haul the safe containing $8,000 out of a Foothill home.