Man faces up to 15 years for felony DUI |

Man faces up to 15 years for felony DUI

by Rachel Spacek

A Gardnerville man admitted to a charge of driving under the influence with a previous felony conviction and is facing a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Albert J. Yant, 57, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, hit and run and on a warrant. He was arrested Jan. 12 after a reporting party notified the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office that a truck struck a parked vehicle in the Walmart parking lot on Topsy Lane.

Deputies contacted the driver at a traffic stop. According to reports, deputies could smell alcohol coming from his person. He also admitted to the deputies that he had been drinking. Yant had a breath alcohol content of .225 percent.

According to court documents, Yant has a previous felony DUI conviction out of Gallatin County in Montana. There, he was convicted of a fourth offense on Jan. 11, 2012.

Since Yant had a previous DUI felony conviction, he is not eligible for probation. He will be sentenced on March 22.

A San Jose, Calif. man admitted to a charge of dissuading a victim of reporting a crime.

Daniel A. Cravin, 24, was originally arrested on charges of domestic battery and coercion when deputies responded to a domestic battery call to the 1500 block of South Riverview Drive.

The reporting party told deputies Cravin pushed her into the bedroom and told her he did not like the way she had been acting. The victim told deputies Cravin punched, slapped, grabbed and choked her.

According to court documents, Cravin allegedly inflicted physical violence to the victim on more than one occasion and on Jan. 1, he told the victim that if she testified in his preliminary hearing that he didn’t do anything, the charge would be dropped. Court documents further stated that Cravin told the victim to say he was “faded,” or drunk and she “just wanted him to go stay somewhere else.” He allegedly told her she wouldn’t get into trouble for lying and to testify and never pick up the phone again.

Cravin is facing up to 48 months in prison. Judge Thomas Gregory told Cravin he is eligible for probation but reminded him the plea agreement between Cravin and the state is not recommending probation.

He will be sentenced on April 2.

A Coleville, Calif., man was granted drug court as part of his arraignment hearing.

Timothy S. Kaecker, 29, was arrested on charges of speeding 1-10 miles over, driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia.

On Jan. 9 around 11 a.m. deputies noticed a vehicle on Highway 395 speeding 10 miles over. They conducted a traffic stop and recognized the passenger as a frequent drug user. Kaecker, who was the driver admitted there was drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and permitted deputies to search the vehicle. They found a small black bag with a glass vile containing methamphetamine. They also found a pipe for smoking methamphetamine and small plastic bags.

In court, Kaecker told Gregory he was using methamphetamine multiple times a week and wanted to get sober for his family. He was admitted into the drug court.

A Gardnerville man received a suspended sentence after Gregory believed he proved himself to be a good candidate for probation while he was out on bail.

Daniel E. McDonald, 32, was arrested after he involved deputies in a car chase up and down Main Street on Nov. 21. According to reports, McDonald was placing the community and property at risk due to his high speed of travel and his refusal to obey traffic signals. According to reports, officers ended the pursuit due to the high risk it posed.

Later the same evening, McDonald allegedly entered a Gardnerville convenience store and took two sparkling sport waters without paying for them. Ten minutes later he entered Carson Valley Medical Center and said he was suicidal and wanted to be killed. Officers arrested him there on eluding a police officer, theft and robbery charges.

In a previous court hearing, McDonald told the court his actions were induced by his use of methamphetamine. In his hearing on Monday, McDonald told Gregory he was not himself on the day he was arrested and he apologized for putting the public and deputies’ lives in danger.

McDonald was granted a suspended sentence and will attend drug court as a condition of his probation.

A Carson City man was ordered to attend boot camp after he plead guilty to a theft charge in December.

Colt A. Haglar, 18, was arrested in May on two theft charges after he stole $40 in cash and multiple credit cards from the 1000 block of Mica Drive.

Deputies were contacted by the reporting party who said Haglar was at their home looking at a motorcycle when he asked to use the rest room and went into the home unsupervised. It was days later that the victim noticed she was missing $40 in cash and three credit cards. The victim deduced that the suspect was Haglar, since he was the only person who entered their home in the last few days.

The victim called and canceled the credit cards and found Haglar had spent $649 at Best Buy and a local coffee shop. He had spent another $1,092 on another card.

Haglar’s mother told deputies she had kicked him out of her house when she found the credit cards while going through his toolbox. Haglar was later arrested on a warrant.

Haglar will attend boot camp, if he is successful, the state has agreed to drop the charge to a gross misdemeanor.