Man faces prison in strangulation case |

Man faces prison in strangulation case

A Gardnerville man admitted Monday he tried to strangle the mother of his children during a Nov. 30 fight in Indian Hills.

Michael Daron Skenandore, 27, appeared in Douglas County District Court with his attorney Matthew Ence.

Skenandore faces 1-5 years in prison after he entered a guilty plea to a count of domestic violence with strangulation.

Under Nevada law, he is not eligible for probation.

According to court documents, deputies responding to the call located Skenandore behind a cargo container near the apartments.

He was holding a 24-ounce beer that he chugged and then threw down before moving to charge deputies.

However, one of them had a less-lethal shotgun pointed at him and he thought better of fighting them.

The victim said she was punched and choked. Deputies said her eyes showed petechial hemorrhaging from being placed in an armlock.

■ A June 16-18 jury trial was set in the case of a California man denying drug trafficking charges.

Anthony E. Valdez, 33, was arrested in late 2018 on a warrant issued as the result of an Aug. 15, 2017, drug sale.

According to court documents, Valdez is accused of delivering 58.4 grams of methamphetamine.

A June 16-18 trial was set in the case. He is represented by Jesse B. Kalter.

Valez, who lives in Shingle Springs, Calif., is free on bail.

■ A Genoa man said he wanted to withdraw a guilty plea and perhaps defend himself during a hearing on Monday.

Darren T. LeFever, 31, had previously admitted possession of cocaine. However, on Monday attorney Andrew Bunn said that LeFever was considering withdrawing his plea. District Judge Tom Gregory set a Jan. 27 hearing to determine if LeFever still wants to represent himself.

LeFever was taken into custody after appearing in district court for allegedly failing to appear in Tahoe Township Justice Court.

The contract to provide defense services with the law firm Bunn represents expired at the beginning of the year.

■ A Lake Tahoe woman who was arrested Sept. 27, received a 19-48-month suspended sentence after being convicted of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Danielle Henson, 28, must participate in a form of drug court as part of her sentence.

“She has a severe drug addiction problem,” attorney Matthew Ence said.

■ A 58-year-old South Lake Tahoe man received a 12-32-month suspended sentence for possession of methamphetamine.

Lawrence Lavish Sr., 58, was placed on probation without participating in Western Nevada Regional Drug Court after his attorney said he didn’t have a drivers license and wouldn’t be able to attend the sessions.

■ A Lake Tahoe man who admitted he had heroin was give probation after his attorney argued it was mandatory.

Renick W. Morris, 39, was sentenced to drug court on June 26, 2017, before he allegedly absconded the following year.

He was arrested on a warrant in California.

He received a suspended 12-34-month prison sentence and turned over to drug court, which attorney Kris Brown said was willing to take him back.

Because he is on a diversion, he was never sentenced in the 2017 case. District Judge Tom Gregory warned that should he fail drug court, he could face a doubled prison sentence.