Man faces DUI and drug felonies |

Man faces DUI and drug felonies


A Gardnerville man is facing a felony for a third instance of driving under the influence after deputies investigated a vehicle parked in Gardnerville with its lights on and its motor off.

William Sherwood III, 24, was found asleep behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition shortly after midnight Sunday at Douglas Avenue and Centertowne Drive.

After waking Sherwood up and determining he was under the influence of marijuana, he was taken into custody.

A background check revealed he was awaiting sentencing on a second instance of driving under the influence in Washoe County from October 2018.

He also has a DUI conviction from May 2016.

A third DUI carries a mandatory prison term, though many offenders opt for a 3-5-year diversion program designed to keep them from imbibing and getting behind the wheel in the future. Successful candidates are sentenced for a second DUI, though any subsequent conviction carries a lengthy mandatory prison sentence.

Sherwood appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Tuesday, where Maria Pence was appointed to represent him.

He was scheduled to appear with Pence on Wednesday with his attorney.

Sherwood also faces a felony drug possession charge as a result of his arrest.

An 18-year-old man, who was the subject of a 2015 manhunt after he walked away from China Spring Youth Camp, was taken into custody at his home on a probation violation.

Reno resident John J. Luna was booked into Douglas County Jail on Friday morning.

He is being held without bail.

Luna was able to evade capture for five days, but was caught after he allegedly threatened to shoot up a school.

While authorities believe he did make the threat, he didn’t have the means to carry it out.

A Gardnerville Ranchos woman was taken into custody on Monday for possession of a controlled substance.

Jennifer A. Alexander, 37, was booked 9 p.m. after she was pulled over in a vehicle with no license plates.

A search of Alexander revealed a vial of methamphetamine. After she was taken into custody, a small bag of methamphetamine was found on her person.