Man denies shooting in Stateline casino garage |

Man denies shooting in Stateline casino garage

A California man charged with six felony counts during an incident that occurred in Stateline last August denied all charges Monday morning in District Judge Thomas Gregory’s courtroom.

Raul Villalvazoalcala was arrested Aug. 26, 2017, after allegedly committing multiple violent altercations and a cocaine trafficking charge.

The charges began when Villalvazoalcala and his girlfriend were in a Stateline casino bar and Villalvazoalcala was allegedly being verbally abusive toward her.

A man approached and wanted to make sure the woman was OK. At which point, Villalvazoalcala called the man a derogatory term and told him to leave. The man asked the woman directly if she was all right, at which point Villalvazoalcala allegedly pulled up his shirt and revealed a gun in his waistband.

The man told Villalvazoalcala, “don’t threaten me with a good time,” and left the altercation.

Later, as Villalvazoalcala was leaving, he took the gun out and pointed it at the man before exiting the building.

In the parking lot, according to witnesses and surveillance footage, Villalvazoalcala began shoving his girlfriend and forced her into their car. He moved the car into another area of the parking garage and allegedly began punching his girlfriend.

Two CVS employees were on break in the garage when they witnessed the altercation. Villalvazoalcala is accused of pulling out the handgun and firing one shot at the employees before taking off.

It was at this point that a patrol deputy was pulling into the parking lot and heard the shot.

According to the police report, he followed the car into the Harrah’s parking garage while calling for backup. He hadn’t turned on his emergency lights, but Villalvazoalcala stopped his vehicle and exited with his hands up. His girlfriend also exited afterwards.

The deputy drew his weapon and instructed them to get back in the car. The woman complied, but Villalvazoalcala refused, yelling, “Shoot me! I didn’t do anything.”

Finally Villalvazoalcala got back in the vehicle. When back up arrived, he was taken into custody.

In a preliminary search of the vehicle, deputies found multiple boxes of spilled pellet ammunition on the floor, two .177 rifles between the seats, a bag of cocaine weighing 49.3 grams, a pink leather purse filled with money, and a handgun behind the driver’s seat that had been reported stolen in California.

Villalvazoalcala is charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession of a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance, discharging a firearm where a person may be in danger and assault with a deadly weapon.

He is currently out on a $50,000 bail. He was originally facing attempted murder, with a bail of nearly $300,000, but the charge was reduced.

He denied all charges, and his trial is set for March 5, 2019.

A Gardnerville man admitted to violating his probation Monday morning, which is the fourth time in four months that he has appeared in district court.

Dakota Stone, 27, was arrested March 12 after deputies responded to a trespassing call and found him and a woman in the home Stone had been evicted from, along with methamphetamine. He was released on bail.

On April 20, he was arrested again for a sales charge along with a warrant out of Carson City after deputies found methamphetamine on his person while he was at work.

On May 14, he admitted to the possession charges as part of a plea deal that dropped the sales charge. At that time, he also had a pending Justice Court case that would be suspended if he complied with District Court’s sentencing.

On May 23, Stone racked up a violation charge after he failed to report for testing. In court Monday morning, he claimed he couldn’t find a ride to Douglas from Carson.

On May 29, Stone was arrested again after deputies responded to a car parked outside the Wa-She-Shu Casino. Stone and his girlfriend were sleeping inside. He gave a fake name, and in the car they located methamphetamine and a pipe.

On Monday Stone admitted to the violation, and was released on his own recognizance once again.

His sentencing is set for July 9. If he violates again, he could also receive 180 days in jail for his Justice Court case.

A Gardnerville man originally facing five years in prison and a $10,000 fine after being arrested for carrying a firearm as an ex-felon was given a suspended sentence Monday.

Gregory Hicks, 25, said he had gotten a call that a woman he knew was being attacked in her home. He called the police, but went to the home himself first to make sure she was OK, as he knew there were children inside the home.

When police arrived, he disclosed he had a firearm, and was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

At the time, the charge was much more severe, as records indicated he was an ex-felon.

However, the case in question was from 2010, when then 18-year-old Hicks was arrested for possession of marijuana by the high school.

In 2014, Hicks was honorably discharged from diversion, and his conviction was supposed to be dismissed, but wasn’t, defense attorney Troy Jordan said.

It was argued that because Hicks thought he was no longer a felon, he purchased a gun soon after his discharge from diversion.

“I could have handled the situation a lot differently,” said Hicks. “I shouldn’t have concealed it.”

Hicks was received a suspended 12-34 month prison sentence, probation lasting no more than three years. He was given credit for time served of two days.

A Gardnerville Ranchos man who spent a good amount of his life in and out of custody was given a second chance.

Andrew W. Riley, 33, received a 12-36 month suspended sentence after he was found with 5 pounds of marijuana in his car along with a small amount of cocaine and prescription pills.

The pills belonged to his wife, who had a legal prescription for them.

Riley claimed that the marijuana was actually shake, which is a mixture of marijuana stems, leaves, and flowers, that he used to make tea so he could sleep at night.

When deputies stopped him, he handed over a small amount of cocaine without being asked, and was commended by the deputies at the time for his honesty.

While he may have been in and out of jail and prison for the majority of his life, his criminal history going back 20 years, something in his life recently changed. He found employment, and got married. His wife had a 4-year-old son, and so Riley is now also called step-father.

“Becoming a step-father has been a great benefit in his life,” his attorney Kris Brown said.

He had one positive test in March for methamphetamine, but since then he has had no further violations.

“I had a weak moment, and that could cost me the rest of my life. I take pride in my work, and my family, and I just want to continue to support my family,” said Riley.

“If Mr. Riley is truly committed to living a crime free life, then this is his chance to prove that,” said prosecutor Tina Russom.

“Until this charge, it seems you’ve been doing well,” said Gregory. “You have a family now and steady employment, which is something you haven’t had before. You’re at a stage in your life where you need to put crime behind you. Take full advantage of this opportunity.”

He was also ordered to attend counseling, pay fines of around $500 dollars within the first year of his probation, and was given credit for time served of three days.

A man who admitted grand larceny after stealing a bicycle from Play it Again Sports received probation on Monday.

Kristofer J. Schutten, 20, was arrested in 2017 after he allegedly sold a gram of methamphetamine and a gram of heroin after stealing a bike from the sporting goods store at Topsy Lane.

“Mr. Schutten realizes he’s had an addiction from a very young age,” said Brown. “Now he is the sole provider for his daughter, and he wants to turn his life around.”

“When I was arrested,” said Schutten, “I hadn’t had a job in two years. Now I work full time, I got my permit and my license, I bought a car and have it registered and insured in my name, and I support my daughter 100 percent. I just want to show I am going to be a productive member of society.”

Schutten was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison with probation not lasting longer than five years.

He was also ordered to pay $140 in restitution within the first year. He is also not allowed on the premises of any Play it Again Sports.

A Carson City woman was sentenced to probation for possession methamphetamine.

Ann Marie Hurt, 36, was arrested after shoplifting from the Gardnerville Walmart. During a jail search, 5.2 grams of methamphetamine was found in her bra.

She said she was grateful that she was arrested because now she is finally sober.

She was given a suspended sentence of 12-30 months in prison.

She was also ordered to pay approximately $300 in fees within a year.