Man claims he accidently inhaled meth smoke |

Man claims he accidently inhaled meth smoke


A man denying felony domestic battery and drug charges will serve 10 days in jail after he admitted violating his bail conditions.

Thomas Sims, 51, was arrested in November on charges of felony domestic battery with substantial bodily harm and possession of a controlled substance. He is accused of breaking a California woman’s arm and pelvis during an altercation at a Fish Springs dude ranch.

Sims appeared for drug testing on April 9, and the test came up positive for methamphetamine.

“Since I am unable to return to my own home,” Sims said, “I am at the mercy of staying at other people’s houses. I went to someone’s house after the bar closed, and fell asleep on a recliner chair. At around 10 p.m. I woke up to three to four people smoking meth in the room. I had never been there before, and I did not know that would happen. I didn’t feel it was my place to tell them to stop, but I didn’t participate myself. They left around 4:30 a.m., and I went back to sleep.”

The prosecutor argued that the results were too high to simply be from passive smoke.

Sims would be released back on bail pending his Oct. 16 jury trial after the 10 days in jail.

■ Bail was revoked on Monday for a Winnemucca woman after a bail violation just days after being released.

Ashley Gonzalez, 22, admitted the two violations, one on April 6 and another on April 9.

Gonzalez was originally arrested on a charge of selling heroin, but was released on bail. Only a few days later, however, Gonzalez did not show up for testing, claiming to be “halfway to Vegas,” and then when she did come in for testing, she tested positive for alcohol.

Gonzalez claimed she drank because she was having a hard time dealing with her mother dying of lung cancer. She attempted to provide a fake sample, but did not succeed.

“The state is not unsympathetic to her mother’s worsening condition, but the defendant has not been spending her time by her mother’s sick bed, but rather has been feeding her own addictions, and her previous actions show no intent to comply with the court,” Prosecutor Tina Russom said.

Bail for Gonzalez was revoked and she will remain in custody until her June 4 sentencing.